Jessica Biel Pregnant, Asking Stylist For Bigger Clothes To Hide Her Bump

Jessica Biel Pregnant, Asking Stylist For Bigger Clothes To Hide Her Bump 0628

What are we going to do when the Kim Kardashians and the Kate Middletons deliver their babies? Technically, Kim’s already done that but her pregnancy is still front and center because of that crazy ass name of hers. We still have Halle Berry and some others but the pregnancy boom will soon be over. Then what will we do with our time? Will we have to resort to only calling non-pregnant women fat and due date liars?? Well fear not! It looks like we might have another A-list baby bump. Jessica Biel might be incubating. And just so we’re clear. By A-list I meant Justin Timberlake. Would anyone else care about a pregnant Jessica Biel if it weren’t for her husband? Don’t bother answering.

Yes, according to Star magazine, Jessica is eating for two now but she hasn’t told anyone yet. What she has done is ask her stylist for bigger, comfier clothing to mask the bump from the paparazzi for a little while longer.  Since that special request couldn’t possibly mean she feels like toning done her sex appeal since marriage or that she actually wants to start eating full meals while out in NYC. Nope, it can only suggest she’s pregnant. Congrats!

If this is true I’m not surprised. Jessica and Justin have been married since October and she’s at that age and he seems pretty committed. Why not throw a kid in there? She’s got a couple movies lined up but I’d never call her busy. Her career is being Justin Timberlake’s wife so getting pregnant is pretty much a business/brand decision at this point. Justin probably sees the market is open now that Kate and Kim are out of the way. Time to strike for the full attention!


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