John Travolta Poisons Kelly Preston’s New TV Show – “Keep Calm and Karey On” – A Scientology Nutbag Showcase

John Travolta Poisons Kelly Preston's New TV Show – "Keep Calm and Karey On" A Scientology Nutbag Showcase

It must really suck to be John Travolta’s beard. I have to say part of me hopes that all of those divorce rumors about Kelly Preston being fed up with dealing with John’s garbage are true. We haven’t heard much from her in a few years, as Kelly opted to spend some time focused on her children but now she’s back. She has been cast in an ABC pilot called Keep Calm and Karey On and I have to guess that getting back to work was probably a great distraction for Kelly. At least until the second day of filming.

According to the May 27th print edition of Star Magazine, on the second day on set John decided to pay his wife a visit. The series creator, Andrea Abbate is also a Scientologist and so John stormed in disrupting everything to give her a huge hug. His intrusion went from a quick visit to a total disruption and the cast and crew were furious. Apparently they felt like they were lost the land of crazy cults and it left a really bad taste in the non-believer’s mouths.

Kelly is trying to stay neutral because already she feels like the project is destined to fail because of all the discomfort on set. Supposedly cast and crew members feel like they have ended up on board a project intended to promote Scientology and they’re none too happy about it. As for Kelly, she must be pissed. Her husband has destroyed their marriage with his chronic gay play dates and now that she finally went back to work he is sabotaging that as well.

Do you think Keep Calm and Karey On will ever actually land in ABC’s lineup or is the deck already stacked against it? What about Kelly and John’s marriage? Will she see this as one more example of how her life would be better without him? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Living Legends of Aviation Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on January 18th, 2013.  Is John TRYING to look evil?


  • BuryTheNuts2

    Ok look…I despise Scientology. Really!…It is like my second job!!!
    But he (JT) disrupted everything and it led to an entire story because he gave his wife a hug?
    Are you serious?
    My gosh, they give you enough material that you could have done better than this for a jumping off point to bash Scientology.
    As far as the beard stuff…well, yeah,….carry on.

  • WhereIsShelly Miscavige

    Wow, ABC, huh. Apparently they are Scientology’s bitch. Canceling news shows that are critical of Scientology, posting articles with obviously doctored images of idle mOrg openings; and piloting Scilon TV shows. It’s going to hurt you in the long run, ABC.

  • Whoa, whoa, back up. What, in great detail, makes the cast and crew feel this is a vehicle to promote Scientology? I could care less if Johnny stopped by between sexual assaults to high-five Kelly, but if they’re trying to promote Scientology on ABC, that I want to know.

    Not like ABC doesn’t appear to be in their pocket already.

  • piper

    Must be horrible to live on your looks, then loose them. What’d he do, take ugly pills!? He must be prepping for evil roles because no one will beliwve he’s a lottle angel anymore. Oh, you’re right about the evil scientology stuff, they just made him their b##tch!

  • media_lush

    It’s well known for those who follow these things that it’s Kelly who is the total Scientology loon. JT would love to leave the cult but his PC (pre-clear) folder would be used as a blackmail threat as it holds all his confession over the years. The cult has released this supposed totally confidential information in the past to control it’s members so JT is pretty much stuck.