Johnny Depp Talks Vanessa Paradis Reunion In Front Of Amber Heard – Delusional And Hurtful?

Johnny Depp Talks Vanessa Paradis Reunion In Front Of Amber Heard - Delusional And Hurtful? 0722

Here’s what Vanessa Paradis has got to be thinking right about now: “Dear Johnny, I know your new movie is getting panned by just about everybody and the studio is making you work your ass off to try to get back some of the money it wasted on making the flop but LEAVE ME THE HELL OUT OF IT!”

I know we don’t know the particulars but we can all probably agree that he left her for the much younger, Amber Heard. Johnny Depp, after a respectable year give or take a few months, is finally parading his new piece all of Europe with his children while he’s promoting The Lone Ranger. Vanessa has got to be somewhat OK with it. At the very least, she’s not forbidding it. Their relationship does seem like it’s working itself out post-split. But, if I were her, I’d be all “You can have one or the other! You can’t have her on your arm and talk about me in interviews.” Because that’s almost like he’s using both, right? One for pleasure and one for business?

According to The Sun, in a recent interview Johnny talked of reuniting with his ex. “Vanessa is a good mother and a wonderful woman. There really are no hard feelings between us. We have remained very close and I hope to maybe be able to make a film with her one day. Why not?”

Because you dumped her for a twenty-something blond bi-sexual American? Just a thought….

So are these comments rude… delusional? Or am I just reading too much into this? Maybe Vanessa’s straight with all this. Maybe she’s got no problem with Johnny’s new life. Maybe she’s moved on too. I just think this would all take more time. Johnny did say “one day” so it’s not like this is the new Bruce Willis/Ashton Kutcher circus. But still… if I were Vanessa I would read that quote and just smirk. One day my ass.

What do you think the odds are for a Johnny Depp/Vanessa Paradis reunion? Could Vanessa just be that much cooler and more evolved to be able to put everything aside to work with her ex again despite all he’s done?

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4 responses to “Johnny Depp Talks Vanessa Paradis Reunion In Front Of Amber Heard – Delusional And Hurtful?”

  1. Avmir says:

    I think Vanessa is that evolved

    I read Vanessa’s new interview in “Vanity Fair Italy” and she did talk about Johnny and quite well. She said she was lucky to met him, they have great memories together, wonderful times, they met their fate as a couple, but even if their relationship ended she would do it everything again!

    I think these two have a very special relationship now. I think Vanessa may be OK with Amber being around their children also – I don’t think Johnny would do it without her agreement-

    And I really wanted to see their announced movie together (“My american lover”, about the feminist Simone de Beauvoir”) but I’m not sure if Amber is as “evolved” to see them working together and as lovers…hmmm

  2. jack says:

    He said his kids are his greatest achievement. Is he caring
    about them he shouldn’t date someone who is like his daughter and had been relationship with a woman for 4 years? Its foolishness choice for the man was 2 time sexist man?really some one who was homosexual for 4 years??? Just sorry for him, he is destroying every thing he obtained in last decade ,respect ,admiration as a family man ….he should ready for many joke and embarrassment sentences about his life. And his next role is a wolf??? Do
    you understand what my point is? Just shame

  3. Pamela says:

    I hope Vanessa finds a new hot dude, she deserves someone great!

  4. jack says:

    really you care about your children and date a girl half your age ,C grade actress and homosexual and maybe lesbian.