Justin Bieber Collaborates With Michael Jackson On New Song ‘Slave To The Rhythm’ (VIDEO)

Justin Beiber Collaborat​es With Michael Jackson On New Song 'Slave To The Rhythm'

Great news for all Beliebers! Justin Bieber just dropped a new song with the one and only, Michael Jackson! Not only does this kid supposedly want to purchase Neverland Ranch, Justin continues to embrace his Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson comparisons for all you haters. Taylor Swift may as well get a new bestie, because Selena Gomez likes Beiber, but needs his limelight.

Dismally, the song is a super banger. ‘Slave To The Rhythm’ -Michael Jackson featuring Justin Beiber- will actually attract new fans, and and be played repeatedly, over and over and over, until you know all the words. We’re unsure how the teeny muscled pop star pulled this one off. Apparently, he’s not spending as much time puffing piff with Lil Twist, and cheating on Selena Gomez as we think.

In the midst of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s, sad court battles with AEG, and Debbie Rowe’s claims of his prescription drug addiction, this collaboration is a form of gratitude and respect. Justin needs an interruption from demolishing the cakes of random models, and pissing in restaurant cleaning buckets anyway.

We encourage all Belibers, old people, housewives, hip hop heads, business socialites, rockers, and country cowboys to take a listen and decide for yourself. Certainly you’ll bob your head, and shake your butt when no one is looking. Don’t forget to listen, and post your reactions in the comments below.

2 responses to “Justin Bieber Collaborates With Michael Jackson On New Song ‘Slave To The Rhythm’ (VIDEO)”

  1. Ali says:

    Got through 20 seconds before I was disgusted :( There’s only ONE Michael Jackson!

  2. allie says:

    Michael Jackson fans are hating this song