Did Baby Daddy Kanye Cheat On Pregnant Kim Kardashian Already?

Did Baby Daddy Kanye Cheat On Pregnant Kim Kardashian Already?

Kanye West doesn’t have a reputation for being the kind of guy you introduce to your parents. And I’m sure he’s quite pleased with that status. But now that he’s knocked up Kim Kardashian, he has an emotional and legal tie to her as the father. We expect Kim to force a big TV wedding again, and to see him costar on their new reality show about her pregnancy. But how long can he play the good guy before he goes all Lamar Odom and abandons the baby and baby mama? Khloe Kardashian may try to make it look like Lamar is a great father and husband, but the truth is his wandering eye is breaking her spirit, and his ex has to fight for every penny of child support. We know the Kardashian men hate their lives, but will Kanye figure out an escape plan before his identity and career go out the window?

To survive in the Kardashian world, he has to give himself over totally—and not to Kim, but to her mom Kris Jenner. Everyone knows that Kim is the marionette and Kris the puppeteer, but Kanye doesn’t like to be tied down—or strung up. The rapper is notorious for his “I can, so I did” attitude. He’s unapologetic till the end. But can Kim and Kris beat that out of him, or will he join Lamar and Scott Disick in clubs, instead of faithfully attending the birthday parties, the photo shoots, and the filmings? I mean, is the guy who tweets things like, “I just fucked Kim so hard” father or boyfriend material? The guy is a walking PR disaster—one that Kris just can’t afford!

It was all fun and games when he was bragging about her sex tape, but Kanye isn’t about to become a one-woman man. It goes against his entire rap persona. Guy needs to maintain the suave, player look. His next album isn’t about to have songs that talk about diaper genies, baby slings, and nipple confusion. You won’t see paparazzi photos of him unfolding a stroller from out of the back of his Lamborghini. So where does that leave Kim? Home, alone. Just like her sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian. Hopelessly devoted to a man who couldn’t care less, taking care of his baby, and putting on a good face for the press. I would feel bad for her if she weren’t so disgusting. So how long until Kanye cheats? I’d be surprised if he hasn’t already.

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  1. […] In fact, her panic was such that she has since become an advocate for AIDS awareness, sharing on her website last month, “Today is Worlds Aids Day. We can all make a difference today and help educate people around the world and strive for an AIDS-free generation.” So what to make of all this? I think it’s great that Kim was mature about her sex life and got tested. She can sleep around as much as she likes, so long as she doesn’t mind the personal damage it does in her relationships. So long as she and her partners are tested and use condoms, I see no long term harm! But maybe now that she’s pregnant she’ll save herself the trouble of all the tests and seek monogamy with Kanye. But can he keep it in his pants? […]