Kanye West Abandoning Kim Kardashian and North West To Live In Paris – Baby Can’t Fly For 3 Months?

Kanye West Abandoning Kim Kardashian and North West To Live In Paris - Baby Can't Fly For 3 Months?

I wonder if this is a strong dose of karma biting Kim Kardashian in the ass or if her life right now is simply the result of putting her eggs in the wrong rapper’s basket.  Either way, I wouldn’t trade spaces with her for all the money in a Kardashian bank account. After delivering little North West 5 weeks early Kim had hoped that things would now improve between herself and baby daddy, Kanye West.

She has been furious with him because he had promised to spend the entire end of her pregnancy with her, but obviously in those final days Kanye was hopscotching the country to promote his new album. Kim, rightfully feels like if he wasn’t there then it’s unlikely that Kanye will be around now that she’s physically better and lugging an infant around.

According to the July 1st print edition of In Touch the couple is knee deep in a huge fight over the baby. Kanye fully intends to return to Paris for three months just as they had agreed upon before Kim delivered. The problem with that plan is that because the baby is a preemie she will be closely monitored and her doctors do not want her flying for at least three months.  In other words, Kim and her baby can’t fly across the continent and rather than be a supportive dad and boyfriend, Kanye isn’t budging. Instead of abandoning just Kim he is fully prepared to leave his daughter as well.

Sources close to Kim say that she spent the last several weeks of her pregnancy an absolute emotional mess. Now that North has arrived she is barely sleeping and starting to get an idea of what new motherhood is and how even though she’s not carrying her baby any more, she is still never going back to the life that she once had!

The Kardashians absolutely hate that Kim allowed Kanye to pick the baby name when he has helped her with precious little. Now they’re enraged at the notion that Kim will be a single mom right from the get go. Will you be surprised if Kanye ditches his new family to go back to Paris? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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5 responses to “Kanye West Abandoning Kim Kardashian and North West To Live In Paris – Baby Can’t Fly For 3 Months?”

  1. Emma21 says:

    I’d say, “Run, Kanye, run!”

  2. […] she is now responsible for this screaming bundle of joy and baby daddy Kanye West appears to be plotting to flee to Paris as soon as he can make a break for it.  She has no concept of how to put another person ahead of herself or even her […]

  3. Angel 2009 says:

    Kanye has always made himself priority so Kimmode will just have to suck it up and deal with the fact that she’s nothing more than a Baby Mama to him.

  4. […] While Kris is out promoting her talk show and giving vague and rehearsed answers about her new grandchild Kim is simply desperate to hold onto Kanye. CDL told you a few weeks ago that Kim was the first to admit that she wasn’t at all ready for motherhood and having to care for a baby for a few weeks has only reinforced that. Kanye has the upper hand now. She needs to do it his way or he’ll be on the first plane to Paris and Kim can’t even follow because the baby can’t fly for three months. […]

  5. denose says:

    Or maybe its because a plane is not the best place for a child too young to be vaccinated.