Is Kate Gosselin’s Biggest Inspiration Beyonce?

Is Kate Gosselin's Biggest Inspiration Beyonce?

Kate Gosselin has a lot of children, and when you have a lot of children the Super Bowl can be either super stressful or super amazing-fun-times. Kate Gosselin, who live-tweeted her Super Bowl experience, appeared to have a grand time with her children. They made delicious snacks before the game and the house was split unevenly down the middle in terms of who they thought should take home the super sparkly trophy. The inner east coaster in Kate undoubtedly wanted the Ravens, but most of her clan was rooting against her. They cheered, cheered, cheered on the 49ers. Well, it looks like Kate got her way when the Ravens took home the gold.

Kate got super into the bowl last night, and she was tweeting virtually everything that popped into her little head. She gushed over commercials, her favorite being the hilarious Gangam Style inspired pistachio commercial: “Crackin’ Gangam Style!” We have to agree. That was one of the ones that warranted the biggest laugh fest in my personal little world. She also expressed some interest in that gag-inducing Budweiser commercial featuring the man and his horse. *Sigh* *Fake Tears* *Palm to Face* *Face to Desk*

But what seemed to get Kate Gosselin super riled up was when The Queen B took to the stage in her leathery and lacey garments. Can I just say that Beyonce’s light show, while amazeballs, was a tad bit overwhelming — it’s always concerning to me when I can no longer distinguish between real life and computer screens. Oh well. Beyonce’s got the power.

“Ahhhhhh HALO! My absolute favorite ever!!! AHHHHH!!!” tweeted Kate. So it seems as if Kate really does love herself some Beyonce. Kate explicitly says that Beyonce, one of the most famous stars in the world, is her absolute favorite. Wonder why? Do you think Kate holds Beyonce on a pedestal as one of her greatest inspirations? I think Kate (plus 8) wants to be as famous as Beyonce, or at least possess elements of her superstar lifestyle. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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