Kate Gosselin Compares Her Kids To Ducks, Desperate Appeal To Mom Demographic To Sell Cookbook?

Kate Gosselin Compares Her Kids To Ducks, Desperate To Appeal To Mom Demographic To Sell Cookbook?

Kate Gosselin‘s cookbook failed, so what’s her next move? Well, if she’s actually serious about trying to get another reality show, she’ll need to prove to network executives that she still has fans.

You know, it’s interesting – I think the number of Twitter followers you have is becoming increasingly more irrelevant, especially as the celebrities prove that the number doesn’t matter. Look at Kate – she has over a 150,000 Twitter followers [probably all from her reality show days], and barely any of them bought her cookbook. So for those who measure reality stars’ popularity through social media, it’s probably not the best idea to continue.

Anyway, Kate’s already promoted her book through every traditional channel, so the only thing that’s left now is Twitter. She’s already prone to bragging about her children on her Twitter feed, but she’s gone to Defcon 5 in the days since her book came out. She’s been constantly tweeting, both about the book and anything else that will get her some publicity. Her latest tweet compared her children to a bunch of ducks, as she tweeted a picture of some cute baby ducks, with the caption, “GM! I had 2 show u this photo! (Thx @SandieBellz) It’s my LIFE and I love it! Got all my ducks (Gosselins) in a row!pic.twitter.com/BCAcz1fIx1”.

Tryhard and desperate, or cute? She’s obviously trying to remain ‘relatable’ so she doesn’t lose her Twitter following, but she’s also trying to appeal to the mom demographic at the same time. That’s pretty much the only demographic that actively follows her in the media anyway, and they’re the only ones who would actually go out and buy a cookbook by her.

What do you guys think? Do you think Kate should take a break from Twitter and try to get a traditional job? Let us know in the comments.

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  • teresa darienzo

    Kate will NEVER give up trying to get back on TV. Anything else the her would be “Mediocre”. She needs to wake up and realize that lightning is not going to strike her twice and get out there and do like everyone else in the world who finds themselves unemployed. GO FIND A JOB.

  • lukebandit

    Her attorney is in Torino overseas taking a law course and is not due back till December. He sent a associate in his place and the poor guy went to the wrong courthouse! The court hearing yesterday morning was at the Federal Court House in Reading, PA. The guy, now called Barney Fife, went to Philadelphia to the Federal Court Building there. The judge was having a hard time understanding the paperwork and trying to figure out exactly what kate wants out of the lawsuit. Jon and Robert have far more SUPERIOR law representation and I have every confidence that kate will lose this lawsuit. I just feel bad that she is spending the kids money to pursue this vendetta that she has against Jon and stopping the book. She wanted to accomplish the following on this lawsuit:

    Get media tv time talking about her horrible cookbook and of course they will ask about the lawsuit and she can say her lawyers will not let her talk about it. blah blah blah
    There will be enough evidence to get Jon arrested and sent to jail. Can you imagine the tv interview time she would have? Then she can swoop in and get full custody, the boss over the kids and get Jon’s parental rights severed. Then she will be free to be able to take the kids to Hollywood to pursue HER dream of being just like Barbara Walters said, A STAH! Win a judgement against Robert and Jon and stop the book in it’s tracks.
    Can you imagine the phone call when kate called Razza and told him? Bet she screamed, I will not pay for today’s mistake! hahahaha Maybe he will sue her for it. Or it might be better just to give her a discount. She is very draining. Just ask the Elizabethtown Water Dept.

    • dessertgirl

      She can take the kids wherever she wants but no one will hire her for anything. Her kids are talentless and have totally lost their cuteness. They have been beaten into submission and have absolutely no charisma or personality. Who wants to see eight kids in lockstep? Kate says the kids miss the trips. Well we don’t miss her yelling at them in airports or hotel lobbies. If the kids want a trip, they should demand that their mother take them on one with some of the money that they have earned.

  • dessertgirl

    Why didn’t all those twitter followers buy her book? Kate played the prima dona routine to the hilt. She was known to be difficult in her demands. This “trailer park queen” made demands that many established stars wouldn’t. She asked for first-class travel, expensive hotel rooms not only for herself but for a useless bodyguard that she didn’t need. The only thing Steve was good for was to hold her purse and shopping bags and to bang her at the end of the day. He wouldn’t have done either if he weren’t being paid.

    Last I checked a couple of days ago, Kate’s cookbook popularity was number 20,0000 something. That means that there were over 20,000 or better books selling better than Kate’s. She just might as well shred the books for her chickens to s$it on in their cages. No one will buy them.