Kate Gosselin’s Greed Completely Destroyed Her Empire (PHOTO)

Kate Gosselin's Greed Completely Destroyed Her Empire (PHOTO)

Remember when Kate Gosselin was still married to Jon Gosselin and they seemed to have a pretty good life? Sure she was a head spinning witch to him, but their reality show was a hit and the cash was really flowing plus their 8 kids were all doing well. The difference that a few short years can make is pretty amazing! The Nov. 18th print edition of In Touch takes an inside look at what Kate’s life in rural Pennsylvania is like now and the changes are startling.

Kate has tried to pimp her family out in several new ways but each plan has fallen flat. She was also recently pitching the idea of a reality show that focused on her dating life and she didn’t seem to have any takers on that project either. The truth is that Kate may have at one point had a mountain of cash but she then squandered it on plastic surgery and lavish living until there was precious little left. Now she is alone with 8 kids and never actually sure where the next check will come from.

Ironically Kate has yet to give up on the idea of being famous. She is a registered nurse and does have a solid career to fall back on but so far that doesn’t seem to be an option that is of interest. Trying to make a fast buck is making Kate and the kids miserable at best.

Is it possible for Lamar Odom to find a new way to betray his wife, Khloe Kardashian? Well apparently In Touch has all the dirty details! Can you believe that Khloe is still attached to Lamar in any way? At what point will girlfriend find her back bone and decide that it’s not okay to be so disrespected?

Do you think that Teresa Guidice will be facing serious jail time for the multiple count fraud indictment? As she worries about her future she claims to be staying as strong as possible for her 4 daughters. Since the government seems to have a pretty solid case against the reality star do you think that they’ll decide to make an example out of her? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

2 responses to “Kate Gosselin’s Greed Completely Destroyed Her Empire (PHOTO)”

  1. Angel 2009 says:

    Idiot just doesn’t get it – the viewing public has lost interest in her and her litter and has moved on.

  2. PDMan says:

    Contrary to the voices in her head, people didn’t watch the show to see her. They watched to see the cute toddlers. Well, they’re older now and have grown into normal kids their age. Nobody cares. Go away Kate!