Kate Gosselin Fighting Jon Gosselin’s Threats Of Exposure By Pretending To Be A Good Parent?

Kate Gosselin Fighting Jon Gosselin’s Threats Of Exposure By Pretending To Be A Good Parent?

So for those of you who didn’t know, Jon Gosselin issued a veiled threat to Kate Gosselin about how he has the ability to write anything he wants about her and publish it. Obviously, Kate hasn’t directly responded to the allegations, but we can see how her actions have changed since then. For one, she’s been tweeting pretty non-stop about her children, even uploading daily pictures pointing to their progress. Is she trying to counter his threats by showing what a good mother she is?

I mean, Kate is suing Jon for back child support even though he’s completely broke. I don’t blame the guy for being annoyed, but then again, he should be held accountable for paying for his children and supporting them as well, not just Kate. Obviously, she has the upper hand in terms of public image, which isn’t saying much because Jon’s image has been in the dumps for the past few years. In his recent interview, he admits that he was staying quiet over the last few years because he wanted to wait until the scandals blew over, but they clearly haven’t. His way of clearing everything up was to send out threatening messages to Kate – I’m not sure if anyone’s told him, but that’s not really the best way to gain public support.

Kate’s most recent tweet was, “Ran with Cara last night…I remember back when we started, I’d slow my pace to stay with her..last pm, she slowed to stay w/ me… #proudmom.” She added, “….Oh, and did I mention? She slowed, displaying a (well deserved) smirk on her face #prouddaughter.” Well, that’s sweet. I mean, for all we know, Kate could just be making everything up, so we really have no idea. But from her Twitter, she’s trying her best to play the mom card for public sympathy, which might come in handy if she manages to get her own reality show.

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