Kate Middleton Says Cressida Bonas Will Never Be Good Enough For Prince Harry

Kate Middleton Says Cressida Bonas Will Never Be Good Enough For Prince Harry

We have watched Kate Middleton adjust to playing several new roles over the past few years. Obviously she’s Prince William’s wife and Prince George’s mother, but Kate also takes her position as a sister-in-law to Prince Harry very seriously. She has handed out a lot of useful information to the notorious jokester and the two have formed a really strong bond.

Harry has spent the last 18 months fixated on his love for socialite Cressida Bonas that he almost seems to not realize that the couple are not exactly on the same page. Kate has taken it upon herself to try and drive home the point that Cressy will never be quite good enough for Harry. According to the Dec. 2nd print edition of Life & Style magazine she is a free-spirited 24-year old that gets very nervous at even the thought of joining the royal family. Meanwhile, 30-year old Harry has watched Kate and William enjoy their own happily-ever-after and he is ready to create one of his own. Kate seems to truly believe that Harry is setting himself up for heartbreak and she is trying to at least make him entertain the idea that this relationship may not be built to last.

It seems that while Kate might have good reason to worry, but she also has a very personal reason for not wanting Cressida to eventually become her sister-in-law. While William and Kate broke up in 2007/2008, William fell hard for Isabella Calthorpe, Cressida’s half sister and the only reason that pairing didn’t work out was because she had no interest in marrying into the royal family. This woman came between Kate and William and there is no way that she wants any connection to Isabella’s family shoved in her face. Of course Kate would prefer that Harry date anyone else!

Do you think that Harry will propose to Cressy and if so would she actually accept or is she just too flighty to even consider it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • SpringBeauty

    Harry is not ready to settle down.Cressida seems fickle to me. Also, not ready for all the obligatory royal obligations.

  • WAITYbeastie

    Kate and William are suited to each other as both are lame,lazy and rather bland. It’s that Kate isn’t suited to be a Royal. She’s suited to William alright.

  • WAITYbeastie

    I highly doubt that Middleton is trying to make friends with Cressida.
    Hysterical that Middleton doubts Cressida, with her past Kate ought to not look critically on anybody ! Not to mention her regular, very un-royal behavior like playing with her hair and making faces during Remembrance Day, or always letting her dress fly up in the wind, rather than taking steps to stop it from happening {longer dresses, hem weights…}.

  • Cynthia Winkler

    I feel sorry for Harry. I wouldn’t be surprised if he never gets married in his life. It seems that no one wants to marry into the royal family anymore. William was lucky Kate did.