Kate Middleton Breaks Royal Tradition – Insisted On Spending Christmas with Her Own Family!

Kate Middleton Breaks Royal Tradition - Insisted On Spending Christmas with Her Own Family!

I suspect one of the reasons that Prince William adores his wife is because she is clearly her own woman and not afraid to insist on bucking some of the long held Royal traditions. Kate Middleton must remind him of his mother, the beloved Princess Diana, in that she’s not at all afraid to butt heads with the Queen in order to manage her family. Kate insisted on spending Christmas Day with her family rather than joining the rest of the royals for Queen Elizabeth’s yearly celebration at Sandringham.

William had to request permission to skip the yearly tradition and the job of telling his family landed square on his shoulders. CDL has previously told you about Camilla Parker Bowles bullying the Duchess and how it delivered the death blow in terms of Kate going through the royal motions on Christmas. I’m sure William felt like he needed to deliver the news and explain the situation on his wife’s behalf.

Kate also insists that there will be no full time nanny hired to help her with her child. The royals are accustomed to employing a team of people to help with the children but Kate fully intends to be a real, hands on mother so she has informed the Queen that this won’t be necessary. Again the Queen is left with no choice but to accept how Kate wants to manage her life and her home but it is certainly causing a bit of a raucous at the palace.

Are you surprised to hear that Kate is bucking some of the stuffy traditions and choosing to do things her way? It will no doubt earn her the respect of the British people, but will she fall out of favor with the Queen? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! How do you think Prince William and Kate Middleton are faring as a couple in the royal world?

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