Kate Middleton, Camilla Parker-Bowles Competing To Be Next Princess Diana

Kate Middleton, Camilla Parker-Bowles Competing To Be Next Princess Diana 0207

I haven’t had a good Kate Middleton/Camilla Parker-Bowles feud story in awhile so when I read the latest in The Telegraph I had to go for it. A few days ago I pointed out a silly little coincidence when Kate Middleton’s PR people announced her newest charity appearance on the day the world learned she jumped ship for yet another vacation. Don’t blast her for wanting to soak up some sun! She’s a mother of mercy who’s hell bent on helping addicts… after her vacation of course. She’s just like Princess Diana… just with more vacations. But wait just a minute all you Kate lovers. Camilla Parker-Bowles is seeing the Kate Middleton Action Addiction campaign and raising her by championing the rights of rape victims.

I know this sounds flippant but bear with me. According to The Telegraph, the two female senior royals are going after grittier charities. While Kate Middleton’s charities took a backseat during that long plane ride to Mustique, Camilla met with victims of rape and sexual abuse and distributed luxury toiletry items including shampoo and body wash in an effort to make them feel “more human” after their horrendous ordeals. Apparently this has been a special charity for Camilla since 2009 when she first started campaigning for these victims.

I didn’t know that about Camilla. Did you? I suspect I only know now because Kate Middleton is meeting with addicts next week in her second post-pregnancy appearance. The timing is odd, right? Either this is the way the palace wants it so they can showcase the duchesses’ willingness to get down and dirty with the people or the women are vying for the next Princess Diana spot. Right away you have to think that Camilla has no chance. People still hate her and have never been comfortable allowing her to fill Diana’s land mine walking shoes. Kate is the heir apparent but she’s really making a muck of it lately. This newest vacation isn’t doing anything to dispel the rumors that Kate is allergic to hard work of any kind.

But still, to win the battle for public approval Camilla doesn’t have to prove she’s anything like Diana, she just has to do enough to prove how much Kate isn’t like her either. And, at the moment, she’s doing it whether on purpose or not. The question I’m posing to you is do you think she’s meaning to do it?



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  2. Camilla has no chance. The British public hate her.
    Scarlett x