Kate Middleton In Labor, Royal Baby Will Be Born Today!

Kate Middleton In Labor, Royal Baby Will Be Born Today! 0722

Queen Elizabeth told that baby to hurry its ass up and it must have been listening because the Duchess of Cambridge finally went into labor! Kate Middleton and Prince William arrived at St. Mary’s hospital early this morning and have been “progressing well” with their natural birth. How exciting!!! Unless she has one of those marathon labors we might just see a royal baby born today. I hope I didn’t just jinx her. First time moms typically have longer labors but who knows if she’s been in labor all night and sat it out at home. That would have been the smart, comfortable thing to do but I bet William was anxious as all hell and got her to the hospital right away. In anything, if put the media camped out there out of their misery!

This all seems very organized, no? I wonder if she’s been getting some warning signs over the last couple of days. Because Kate and William were hiding out in Berkshire with her parents until Friday (?) I think but then decided to book it back to Kensington. Perfect timing. And now we’re going to have a little Wales!

There was so much Baby William coverage this weekend on TV. I couldn’t get enough. Do you remember the video of Charles and Diana allowing cameras to come into the courtyard and film little William and then the photographer lets him play with his camera? It’s super adorable and seems so weird now. I can’t believe how open Charles was with the camera people and how close everyone got. I can’t imagine that would happen today but I wonder if Kate and Will will have an obligation to do things like that. God, I can’t wait. I know I’m jumping the gun. She has to squeeze that baby out first but I can’t contain myself over all the family photo opts!

Side note: You know who’s pissed today? The new King of Belgium. Baby Wales stole his coronation week thunder. Gangsta.


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