Kate Middleton Mommyrexic – Is Kim Kardashian A Better Example For Pregnant Women?

Kate Middleton Mommyrexic - Is Kim Kardashian A Better Example For Pregnant Women? 0411

I’m actually surprised this story didn’t come out sooner. Obviously it’s much more kosher to shit on Kim Kardashian than the future Queen of England which really isn’t fair since Kate Middleton technically is not royal and used to love to mug for the cameras just as much as Kim. And they’re both selling their pregnancies to the public. I suppose it’s always safer to rip on the fat girl. But what about the six-month+plus pregnant chick who’s barely showing? Why has no fuss been made there? Well, apparently there has but it’s been very, very quiet. We wouldn’t want to hurt the Duchess’s feelings would we?

According to Us Weekly the “mommyrexic” term has been floating around Kate these last couple months but a source is just chalking it up to good genes. The source confirmed that Carol Middleton stayed super small throughout her pregnancies and barely had to wear maternity gear until her last month so it should be no surprise that the same is happening with Kate. OK. Whatever. Fine.

If anything, Kate’s slender physique is just a testament to how skinny she was in the first place. If you’ve only gained 10 pounds by six months and were only 100 pounds to begin with then you’re still freaking small. Kim obviously wasn’t in that boat and she’s made it clear that her indulges are more than just a mere cookie at Starbucks every once in awhile. Kim’s been chowing down on froyo and In-N-Out Burger and the occasional burrito. And she’s even got Gloria Steinem defending her so we all really have to back off now!

So my question to you is is this fair? For better or for worse these two women have had their pregnancies tracked and compared for half the year and Kate has gotten off pretty easy. True she’s not hopping to the gym in sheer tops. She tends to wear boxy coats instead essentially hiding everything Kim’s trying to flaunt. Most people agree her maternity style has been impeccable and appropriate (short hemlines and all). These women aren’t role models although they are arguably the most photographed women in the English speaking world so whether or not they feel responsibility to be role models is besides the point. People look to them as examples. So is one better than the other? Kim Kardashian’s weight has been the source of a lot of attention but it isn’t unhealthy. It’s pretty normal. I’d argue Kate’s weight is a little under for what it should be despite her “genetics”. What do you think? Are the Kate Middleton/mommyrexic claims hurtful or sorta true? Could Kim Kardashian (God forgive me) actually be a better example for a healthier pregnancy – fears and all?

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  • I would rip on Kartrashian anyday over the Duchess….atleast she didnt have to make a sex tape with a Zlister to get her name out there. She actually pulled a prince..Nice Job Kate

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  • I’m also surprised that the media has been so harsh on Kim’s pregnancy look and not on Kate’s. I’m not an expert and I’m not sure if Kate is underweight for a pregnant woman, she has always been rail thin so it’s hard to tell. I’m not a Kim K fan but I’ve been disturbed at the aggressive hatred towards her pregnancy weight gain by the media. Most women gain weight during pregancy, Kim will probably have a healthy baby but Kate’s baby could be underweight for all we know when the baby is born. Kim K has always been curvy and she just looks pregant – not fat. For the record I’ve never known a skinny woman (in the real world) to not gain weight when pregnant, Kate is obviously putting a lot of effort into staying thin and I wonder if that is wise during pregnancy.

    • Ali gc

      You are so so right, you can see Kate from previous years she was not so slim, she has been on diet for ages, since she met Prince Williams, she is so obsess to be slim that not it is getting ridiculous,

  • At 6 mths pregnant I was still wearing a bikini at the beaches (Toronto, ON) I didn’t look pregnant except for a small bump. In all I gained a total of 23 pds but lost 10 lbs in the very beginning as I was also very sick like Kate. I didn’t really gain the full amt of weight until my last 2 to 3 mths. I didn’t diet at all but did eat as I had always eaten. So as far as Kate goes I think she looks great. Being conscience of you’re weight during, before or after pregnancy shouldn’t be a bad thing. Some ppl just don’t care, remember you only lose so much weight during delivery, the rest stays until you work it off. I fortunatly only had 8 pds to lose after delivery.

  • Not fair at all. People have complained about people and media “fat-shaming” Kim K during her pregnancy. What makes it okay to “skinny-shame” Kate? The “mommyrexic” claims are indeed hurtful. Why does Kate have to be/look a certain weight to be respected as a pregnant woman? Same with Kim Kardashian. The whale comparisons are disgusting and hurtful. As long as BOTH women are happy, and their unborn babies are healthy – why should weight appearance matter?
    No one woman’s pregnancy is similar. Thus, comparisons between these two (any pregnant women hereafter) are futile.

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