Kate Middleton Pregnant and Ready to Smash Some Tennis Balls at Wimbledon!

Kate Middleton Pregnant and Ready to Smash Some Tennis Balls at Wimbledon!

Kate Middleton might be super pregnant, but that doesn’t mean she’s set aside her royal duties. Apparently, Kate Middleton has recently been named an honorary member of the All England Club, the place that features one of Tennis’s greatest tournaments: Wimbledon. Kate’s pregnancy journey hasn’t been without complications and, while she’s currently seeking alternative medicine to aid in the struggles, this good news undoubtedly has her spirits flying high.

As she accepted her award, the glorious Kate Middleton was beaming from ear to ear. All smiles. Duh. Why wouldn’t you be smiling when you’re about to receive a super-classy-fancy award? I would be. And the award isn’t all she had to smile about. Kate Middleton will eventually serve as President of the All England Club after the Duke of Kent resigns after a long time on the job (probably an arduous one).

That honor is huge, and it just goes to show how influential Kate Middleton is in all facets of England — and how prominent she will continue to be during her time serving beside Prince William. Plus, Kate Middleton loves to play tennis? Perhaps we’ll see her battling it out against Serena Williams sometime in the near future. Just kidding. However, that would definitely be the match of the ages, would it not?

A spokesperson for the club came out and said that “The Duchess was pleased to accept the kind offer, particularly given her interest in tennis.”

Whenever she assumes her presidential roles, Kate will most likely be awarding the trophies at the year’s biggest tennis event. However, she’ll probs have to skip out on the fancy ceremonies this year. Her baby is due in July and, honestly, I’m sure that’s a bit higher on her priority list right now. Get that baby out healthy and happy and royal ASAP! Because the world is longing for a royal baby nugget to ogle at.

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