Kate Middleton and Prince William Disgusted: New Book Claims Princess Diana is Alive and Well

Kate Middleton and Prince William Disgusted: New Book Claims Princess Diana is Alive and Well

Prince William and Prince Harry are once again outraged by yet another book that is being shopped around that they feel tarnishes the name of their mother, the late Princess Diana.  Apparently it’s so hush-hush and negotiations are so secretive that even the publisher doesn’t know if the author is a man or woman. What they all do know is that the book is cemented in the notion that Diana didn’t actually die in that tragic car crash in 1997 and it wasn’t her body that was buried in pomp and circumstance.

Instead the author is not just alleging, but insisting that the princess survived and was whisked away to a secret location to slowly recover. She underwent plastic surgery, dyed her hair and now lives a transitory life to prevent future attacks on her life. It was no secret that Diana always feared that she would be the target of an assassination attempt and the whole premise of this book is based on the idea that the horrific car accident scared her and also convinced her that her fears were correct. She supposedly walked away from her sons so they wouldn’t be targeted as well.

According to the Feb. 25th print edition of the GLOBE her sons are fuming. They claim to know without the shadow of a doubt that there’s no way their mother could have survived the impact of the crash and they believe that this is just another attempt to make money off of her legacy. William has vowed to have the book banned and to ensure it never sees the light of day. Mind you, William hasn’t had much success at keeping Kate’s pics off the Internet nor will he be able to suppress this book. Harry is more of a renegade and those close to him feel sorry for whoever has actually written this book.

Do you think there’s any chance that Diana could have survived?  Would she choose to never see her sons again in order to protect them? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

5 responses to “Kate Middleton and Prince William Disgusted: New Book Claims Princess Diana is Alive and Well”

  1. Opinynated says:

    Aside from all the other nonsense, she was not Princess Diana. She was Diana, Princess of Wales. She was not a princess in her own right and, if she were to have been referred to as “Princess” anything it would have been Princess Charles … which ended when they divorced. Likewise, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is not Princess Catherine and never will be – she can call herself Princess William for now and when Prince William becomes the Prince of Wales, she can call herself Catherine, Princess of Wales.

  2. princessIshtar says:

    how sad person would do that and write those things about Princess Diana… when she was so sweet and caring. I would love to know she survived but I just don’t think it was possible…

  3. LadyPancakes says:

    Do you have pictures of that woman you say was inside the ambulance? I cant find any. BTW, what you are talking about reminds me of that movie Dave (starring Kevin Kline) where he has to replace the President of US.

  4. carolinelouise says:

    Oh baby, this poor poor sweet baby who simply got herself into one big mess….Talk about marrying the wrong guy….. This almost childlike adult, who only wanted to be loved… To me, she was merely a big heart, with arms and legs……I recall when she had met a woman on a “walkabout,” that the woman in the crowds said how beautiful she was and that she is so blessed to be married to the Prince… They said Diana responded, “I would trade my life for yours if I could,” She was trapped for a long log time, being so young, until she was in a position to do something about it, she said… She even wanted to back out of the marriage. She knew. Diana had great instincts. Even though she was not a scholar in school, her instincts were amazing…. She knew Charles was still in love with Camilla before the marriage, yet Diana’s sisters told her….”Too late Dutch. You’re face is already on the tea towels.” ( “Dutch” was the nickname her sisters always called when they were young.)…… Diana, wish you had trusted those first instincts. :-( She would have been married today to a wonderful man, and more than likely, still alive! And yes, maybe we would have never heard of her but maybe we would have. She was an extraordinary giving and loving lady and perhaps she would have still become a great Humanitarian I say this book is terrible. Leave her alone and let her rest in peace.

  5. Ezeilie Frances says:

    yes and i hope they mention that her daughter isnt sara ,,, buahaha. and she had her child in 1990.