Kate Middleton and Prince William Threatened By Camilla Parker-Bowles’ Mad Dash For The Throne

Kate Middleton and Prince William Threatened By Camilla Parker-Bowles' Mad Dash For The Throne

Boy, Camilla Parker Bowles may not be the smartest royal, or the most revered and she certainly isn’t anywhere near to being the most attractive of the bunch, but this lady sure is determined. The Duchess of Cornwall was said to be appalled and reduced to tears when she had heard that Kate Middleton is expecting a baby. That heir may be the determining factor as to whether or not Camilla’s husband, Prince Charles will ever ascend the British throne.  Camilla was a defeated wreck but according to the January 28th print edition of the GLOBE, that didn’t last for long.

Instead the enterprising lady has been looking for legal loopholes to keep Prince William from passing over Charles in line. If you remember back we’ve told you that Queen Elizabeth had promised Prince William that he will be next in line for the throne if his wife had a child and Kate is now set to deliver their first baby next July. This has sent evil Camilla into overdrive, working hard behind the scenes to find an angle that might work. She was anxious to help take care of the ailing Queen recently because it gave her an opportunity to plant some ideas in Elizabeth’s head, as far as her own ability to be at the helm of things even now.

According to the GLOBE Camilla actually said things to make the Queen question whether or not she should hand over the monarchy to Prince Charles right now! While the Queen has made no changes yet, Camilla absolutely loves the fact that she has been able to successfully raise doubts in the Queen’s mind. She has also successfully persuaded Charles to talk to his mum about whether or not William and Kate can possibly be mature enough to be in control of the entire country.

In other words, Camilla is working all sides against the middle and while it hasn’t paid off just yet, it still can. As long as she gets Kate out of the way, Camilla will feel like she has scored a huge victory and she is slowly but surely proving that she’ll stop at nothing to make that happen! Camilla has resorted to bullying tactics to try to claw her way to the top of the royal heap. Will she ever be sitting on the throne beside her husband or will this all blow up in her face? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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