GLOBE: Kate Middleton Hears Queen Elizabeth’s Shocking Confession – Dying Monarch Collapses (PHOTO)

GLOBE: Kate Middleton Hears Queen Elizabeth's Shocking Confession - Dying Monarch Collapses (PHOTO)

It’s not unheard of for people to organize their funeral arrangements once they hit a certain age, even more so when they have health problems that indicate that their life is winding down. Queen Elizabeth is no different and in fact may be a bit more on top of things than the average person. She was hospitalized back in February for a bad case of gastroenteritis but at the time, it was also revealed that she has a multitude of health issues including a bad heart. GLOBE first reported weeks ago that royal watchers are fearing that the Queen may not live long enough to greet Prince William and Kate Middleton’s firstborn when it makes its grand entrance this July.

According to the April 15th print edition of GLOBE the Queen is making the necessary arrangements and they are similar to the funeral that took place for her mother eleven years ago. Another way that she is preparing is by making sure that the country will be left in the best hands possible. We’ve heard rumblings for awhile now that the Queen promised the throne to Prince William if he produced an heir and royal watchers speculate that he indeed will pass his father, Prince Charles and ascend first. While William is a good solid man that thrives in a leadership position his father has become quite the laughing stock. In recent issues GLOBE has reported that Charles’ marriage to Camilla Parker-Bowles is in critical condition thanks in great part to her heavy duty boozing and undying hatred of Kate. Now we’re also hearing that the Queen and Kate have had some serious conversations which have led to some secret confessions on the Queen’s part.

Marie Osmond has been a legendary Hollywood fixture for about 40 years now and she often seems to make news for either tragedy or a scandal surrounding her. Over the years, GLOBE has told us about Marie’s failed marriages, sons suicide and we have read about her emotional journey back from the edge on more than one occasion. The April 15th print edition includes the latest on Marie as it seems that she is smack in the middle of a shocking lesbian situation.

Old Hollywood fans will also want to grab a copy of the latest issue to read about Kirk Douglas’ sad last days and Doris Day’s Oscar snubs.

This is just a very quick glimpse into what’s in store for you within the pages of the April 15th edition of GLOBE.  As usual they are ahead of the curve and reporting on things that other news outlets are ignoring. You’d never know the REAL drama going on inside of the palace walls if not for their accurate reporting! They also bring old Hollywood back in vogue each week with a story or two on at least one legendary icon. It’s no coincidence that the latest issue of GLOBE will be my reading as soon as I get my copy! GLOBE always surpasses the other weekly magazines in all respects with its accurate and entertaining reporting and great stories.  GLOBE will be the highlight of your week like it is mine – it’s the mag that you’ll want to crack the binding on first and foremost!

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