Kate Middleton’s Secret Pregnancy Cravings Exposed

Kate Middleton’s Secret Pregnancy Cravings Exposed

Kate Middleton, the Royal mommy-to-be (or mummy as they say in the UK) is indulging her pregnancy cravings. Hello! Magazine is reporting that Kate Middleton indulged in a spicy curry dish while visiting her hometown Berkshire, England. Also per the magazine she picked up the vegetarian curry dish at a local store. Kate and her family have been friends with the shop’s owners Hash and Chan Shingadia for many years.

I’m sure Kate’s pregnancy craving was also a craving for the comforts of home. Having some comfort food from her home town probably made being sick, stressed and uncomfortable for the past seven months a little more bearable. Being pregnant has been very hard for Kate. She was hospitalized early on with severe morning sickness. In addition Kate still has the stress of fulfilling her royal duties and having to look fabulous at all times because the media covers her every move. Kate was even voted by readers of Hello! Magazine to have the most coveted hair.

Kate is obviously home sick. She is making sure she gets what she needs instead of making the royal family her entire world. Kate and her husband Prince William spent Christmas with her parents instead of the royal family. It’s been reported that Kate wants to deliver her baby in Berkshire in order to be near her mother. Kate also does not want a baby nurse. There is one more item that may irk the royals Kate’s due date is July 13, occurring in the middle of Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation Festival.

I’m glad Kate is balancing being with her family and being with the royals. It makes her more lovable than ever!!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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