Kelly Clarkson Pregnant, Hiding Her Baby Bump? (PHOTO)

Kelly Clarkson Pregnant, Hiding Her Baby Bump? (PHOTO)

Is Kelly Clarkson hiding her pregnancy and baby bump as OK! suggests on the this week’s cover? Kelly is certainly trying to cover up her weight gain by wearing loose-fitting clothing  that won’t enhance her stomach region.

Kelly recently married longtime boyfriend Brandon Blackstock in an extravagant wedding ceremony on October 20th, but that hasn’t been the only good news in her life. Her holiday album Wrapped In Red also debuted high on the billboards charts, so she’s been riding a positive wave for a few weeks.

So why hide the pregnancy? It would no doubt add to the good news, and it’s not like the public won’t find out eventually. However, there are several possibilities for why she’s not revealing anything. For one, it could just be a matter of privacy – some celebrities prefer to maintain their private life separately from their public one, and although I wouldn’t classify Kelly as intensely private [she did sell her wedding photos to People], she also doesn’t seem like one to incessantly make statements about the developments in her life [cough, Jessica Alba, cough].

Another possibility is that as a Christian hailing from a small town in Texas with fairly religion parents, she might be trying to hide the fact that she got pregnant before getting married. Technically, even though she’s already legally married, she wouldn’t have been at the time she got pregnant – especially if she’s already showing now. She might not want to upset her family, but this is also not very likely since they would find it anyway, and she would just be prolonging the inevitable.

Finally, there’s also the possibility that she’s waiting to announce her pregnancy for maximum impact – i.e. when her career needs a little boost, and when she’s debuting new singles on the charts.

What do you guys think? Is Kelly really pregnant, and if she is, why is she hiding her baby bump? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.