Is Kendall Jenner Smoking Weed With Lil Twist? – CDL Exclusive

Is Kendall Jenner Smoking Weed With Lil Twist? - CDL Exclusive

Some major drama seems to unfolding over at Bruce and Kris Jenner’s palatial home and for once it’s not because of something that a Kardashian has done! It was only a matter of time before one of the couple’s younger daughters found themselves in a bit of hot water and it looks like the time is now. Celeb Dirty Laundry has learned exclusively that Kendall Jenner is the one in the hot seat over her latest hobby, and no, I’m not talking about handbags and Louboutins here.

It seems the 17-year old been hanging out with Lil Twist, or at least she wants to, and Twist is the infamous pal of Justin Bieber that always seems to be around when something scandalous happens. Twist was driving Justin’s car when the paparazzi died. Twist was also there when Justin was photographed high as a kite. In fact Twist raps occasionally but the talent he’s most famous for is his ability to roll blunts for the whole crew that he runs with and the crew now includes his new girlfriend, Kendall.

Kris Jenner loves when her kids make the headlines because it brings more money to the table but this is even a bit much for her. As for over protective dad Bruce, well he has gone through the roof over the new company that Kendall is choosing to keep. He’s a smart guy and obviously realizes that even a young girl isn’t going to put up with a pothead boyfriend- unless of course she’s getting something out of it. Since Twist is known to smoke weed LAPD are probably looking for opportunities to pull him over with the hopes that he’ll have drugs on him. As long as Kendall is still running with him she can easily go down with him and it’s this kind of potential disaster that sends both of the Jenner’s off the deep end. They may not agree on much these days but they defiantly don’t want their teenaged daughter seen as a strung out junkie!

As for Kendall, well she is flying in the face of common sense and anxious to move out on her own. Twist has posted a photo of her on Instagram and he says that he doesn’t care what people think.  Will Kendall wise up on her own and walk away from Twist, or is she already an addict with a boyfriend that can always meet her demands? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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