Khloe Kardashian Sex Tape Time Now That She is the Hottest Sister?

Khloe Kardashian Sex Tape Time Now That She is the Hottest Sister?

Is it sex tape time for Khloe Kardashian? Her marriage may be a disaster and her ability to have kids may draw a huge question mark, but as of right now one thing is for sure – Khloe Kardashian is officially the hottest Kardashian sister. Kourtney still has it and has lost all of her baby weight, but she could care less what the press says. Girlfriend is curled up on a couch, burping Penelope Disick in her sweats and she would have it no other way. Kim Kardashian is getting bigger by the second as she creeps into her sixth month of pregnancy. Some women gain the weight and look amazing or at least adorable. As long as Kimmie insists on smooshing her bump into leather skirts and mini dresses meant for the Young Hollywood red carpet she’s going to continue to look ridiculous.

As her sisters have gone down on the hot meter, Khloe has amped up her Gunnar Peterson workouts (with The Game) and stuck to a low carb diet and it has all really paid off. According to the April 15th print edition of In Touch, Khloe is wearing a size 6 for the first time in her adult life and she feels amazing.  Her body overhaul hasn’t gone unnoticed and it has also brought her some attention from new friend, L.A. Rapper The Game.  The two have reportedly gotten super close as her marriage top Lamar Odom has grown increasingly strained.


Khloe is said to have stopped focusing on the things that she has no control over, like Lamar’s wandering eye and her fertility problems and instead has turned that energy towards improving herself. It has obviously paid off and the timing couldn’t be any more perfect, but do you think that Lamar has even noticed how great his wife looks, or do you think he is too busy with those random blondes that he brings to his bachelor pad instead? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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    good for her! she looks beautiful. and personally, i have a lot of respect for kourtney for not caring (as much as one can have for a kartrashian, of course)!