Lamar Odom Catches Khloe Kardashian Texting The Game In Bed – Detailed Report (PHOTOS)

Lamar Odom Catches Khloe Kardashian Texting The Game In Bed – Detailed Report

We’ve been telling you for months about the ongoing trouble in Khloe Kardashian’s almost 4-year old marriage. The reality star has spent years truly catering to husband, Lamar Odom and it seems that he has taken advantage of his wife’s devotion for a long time now. After denying rumors that there is trouble in paradise it looks like Khloe has gotten a bit of a reality check and has acted accordingly. She’s finished denying that Lamar is out partying at his favorite nightspot, Greystone, with random curvy chicks and she has also finished pleading with him to give up his bachelor pad where he hosts after parties without her.

Instead Khloe has embarked on a new path according to the April 1st print edition of STAR. She decided to stop enabling her husband and to whip herself into shape. In doing so she has become fast friends with Jayceson Terrell Taylor, who is a rapper AKA The Game.  He first connected with Khloe to help her lose a bit of weight and the two formed a fast connection. She is leaning on him heavily for emotional support and Lamar isn’t liking it. He used to avoid Khloe’s phone calls and texts and now the shoe is on the other foot. He’s having a hard time getting in touch with her and he has finally realized that he has pushed his wife far enough away that she’s having an emotional affair, at the very least.

Lamar has tried to win Khloe’s attention back by wining and dining her. He has also gotten her a puppy and bought her roses/ The problem is, it’s not working. She has enjoyed the attention, but she’s still texting The Game while Lamar sleeps beside her. He asked her to cut contact but as of now Khloe is refusing. Perhaps the thing most damaging to any marriage is an emotional affair, because that’s a lot more than just a quick fling. Will Khloe and Lamar make it through this or is their marriage really doomed? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Amidst rumors of infidelity and divorce, Khloe Kardashian puts on a brave face as she visits Tom Toys in Beverly Hills, CA on March 22, 2013.

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