Lamar Odom Brings Women Back To His Bachelor Pad For Sex – Source Confirms


I’m pretty sure that when Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom swapped vows nearly four years ago she wasn’t agreeing to spend the rest of her life with a guy that intended to keep a bunch of women lined up on the side. Unfortunately, that appears to be exactly what this marriage has turned into. According to the April 1st print edition of STAR magazine, sources close to Lamar confirm that he is regularly bring women back to either his hotel room while on the road, or else his bachelor pad in L.A. Supposedly it’s an accepted reality, Lamar is a known cheater and everyone just keeps it quiet.

According to that source, not only does Lamar look for sex but he also takes care of the women that he sleeps with, financially. I’m not just talking about strippers here. Supposedly one of his side dishes is actually a friend of Khloe’s and both she and Lamar have gone to great lengths to keep their relationship hidden from the reality star.

No wonder Khloe has started to find comfort in other people, including The Game, a famous rapper that runs in similar circles as her. She has held on for quite a while here and seems to have been the only one fighting to keep her marriage intact. I’m sure the more she learns about Lamar’s infidelity and party boy behavior, the further it’s pushing her in the opposite direction. Do you think this marriage can survive all of the missteps that are being made? Should Khloe just end things with Lamar once and for all before turning to another guy for anything? Is it time for her to pull the plug and put an end to the sham? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!