Kim Kardashian Bought Kate Middleton A Baby Gift But The Duchess Shunned Her Again!

Kim Kardashian Bought Kate Middleton A Baby Gift But The Duchess Shunned Her Again! 0410

Who does she think she is – Reese Witherspoon?

Kim Kardashian had her little heart broke recently when Kate Middleton refused to acknowledge her yet again. It seems Kim reached out to the Duchess when she found out they were due around the same time. According to The Mirror, Kim sent a gift along with a note explaining all the Cancer qualities their babies were going to share.

“Kim has now employed a top astrologer in Paris to draw up all the qualities of a 2013 Cancerian baby and is busy sourcing all the icons associated with Cancer the crab for the baby’s room. It will also be decorated with rubies and moonstones – Cancerian gems. ‘This was a piece of advice she was particularly keen to relay to the Duchess of Cambridge and was a little saddened not to have received an immediate response,” a source said.

Priceless! Perhaps Kate found out Kim was lying about her due date anyway? Or maybe she’s pretty sure that her baby won’t ever share any qualities with Kim’s. Whatever the reason, Kate’s not touching that. And it isn’t the first time. She also royally rebuffed those Kardashians when they reportedly sent her clothes from their collection last year. When will they get it in their heads that just because Kate is on tabloid covers doesn’t mean they have anything in common? Still… it’s kinda cute that Kim still thinks she has a chance… in a pathetic sort of way.

If anyone should be buying anyone anything it’s Kate. Maybe she can buy Kim a clue on how to dress appropriately for her body type. Although, I have to begrudgingly admit, Kim is getting better. Below are pics of her out yesterday in L.A. She’s doing the whole wrap thing now to hide her ass and belly. It works. Then she can wear her tight leather pants and it doesn’t seem as offensive anymore. Good choice. Let’s see if she keeps it up!

Do you believe the nonsense that Kim Kardashian bought Kate Middleton a baby gift? I usually laugh at this crap but, for some reason, I never can dismiss a hair-brained Kardashian story. It always could be true! And what about the Kim Kardashian/cancer-themed baby room? I actually think it sounds kind of cute. Besides, Kim probably knows a lot about crabs by now.


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