Kim Kardashian C-Section Plans – Is This Why She’s Refusing To Give Birth In Front Of Cameras?

Kim Kardashian C-Section Plans - Is This Why She's Refusing To Give Birth In Front Of Cameras? 0531

Kim Kardashian’s delivery date is steadily approaching and I just can’t stop from being interested in the timing. I don’t see how she can have the baby in June and hide everything until she surfaces looking much slimmer in July. How can you possibly hide a million dollar delivery? How many people do you need to pay off to make something like that happen? But we definitely know it will be planned, right? We keep hearing rumblings of a c-section for Kim Kardashian. C-sections are the planned sort of thing unless, naturally, someone really needs one. You think Kim’s just vain about her feet and her ass? I have a sinking suspicion she falls into the Kelly Osbourne “I want kids but I don’t want a flappy vagina” category.

So it makes sense, right? Why else would she choose not to film the birth? You know Kris Jenner did everything she could to shove a camera way up in there a la Kourtney Kardashian. That was always so off to me. Kourtney’s the least reality famewhore of the bunch and she filmed herself snatching a baby out of her vadge. WTF? Anyway, Kim’s going to go planned c-section/tummy tuck all the way. And here’s how we’re going to know. The first pics we get will be of Kim with a much flatter stomach. Women just don’t lose their bellies the second after they give birth. That takes a little time at least.

And I’m really not hating – too much. Like I’ve said before. Do what you got to do only don’t play me it was all natural. Don’t play me and millions of other soon-to-be mothers that your body just magically bounced back. Don’t sell me the Weight Watchers idea when you’ve had a little help from doctors to get started. So I’m interested. The next couple weeks will fun. Screw Kate Middleton.  This royal birth will come with its own magic show!

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6 responses to “Kim Kardashian C-Section Plans – Is This Why She’s Refusing To Give Birth In Front Of Cameras?”

  1. bohomoth says:

    Oh yeah she’s totally having a c-section.

  2. Liz Loca Beth says:

    This is the most dumbest excuse to have a c-section!! (If it really is true) Your “va-jj” (Khloe’s quote) does not drop,sag,flap, or anything like that! I have had a child and am on my second pregnancy and none of my body parts are in any way shape or form saggy or flappy! maybe if u have 5 kids but definitely not after 1!! She just better remember…u get scarred with a c-section so no more low cut bikini’s Kimmy…

  3. mollymoon says:

    her vadge is already floppy from all the dick she’s had inside her.

  4. mb says:

    Did Kim and her doctor release a statement that she is having a c-section? Or are you report from a tabloid?

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