Kim Kardashian DNA Test: North West Doesn’t Look Like Kanye West’s Daughter – Reports

Kim Kardashian DNA Test: North West Doesn't Look Like Kanye West's Daughter - Reports

Kanye West was accompanied by his colossal caked reality star girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, and their sweet new baby North West to the Oklahoma funeral of his late grandfather, Portwood. We’re unsure how paparazzi mysteriously ended up in Oklahoma, just as we’re unsure of dolphins curiously dying along the coast of Virginia Beach. Regardless, Kimye took fame whoring to the limit allowing themselves to be photographed a funeral. Kanye started a melee at LAX Airport when paps tried to take his picture.

“Kim held North close to her but gave guests a glance at the baby, who was dressed in white with cute pink shoes on,” an onlooker told Radar. “She’s got a head full of hair and a beautiful olive skin tone.” Another funeral guest – who apparently came to get some dirt on Prince George of Cambridge’s headline competition, Nori, added “She looks like Mason did when he was a baby. They even have the same eyebrows!

Judging by Kim’s reputation, and North’s physical description, ‘The College Dropout’ music producer may have a serious problem. Kanye West was allowed bulldozer access to Kim’s greasy backside during her relationship with Reggie Bush, and through her showmance marriage to Kris Humphries.

“Olive skin” is not often used to describe anyone of African American decent, just saying. Adding a Mustang kick to the face, Kim has been grinded by everyone from Nick Cannon to Jennifer Lopez’s ex husband, Chris Judd. Plus Kris Jenner admittedly cheated on her late husband, Robert Kardashian. Lamar Odom cheated on Khloe Kardashian. Kourtney Kardashian cheated on Scott Disick with Michael Girgenti, and so on….

Kim will always have an ace in the hole, just like her sister Khloe has a back-up plan if Lamar doesn’t get right. We aren’t suggesting North doesn’t belong to West, but a DNA sample wouldn’t hurt. Right along with Kim, for the sake of those sick of being addicted to the Kardashians, we’ll hope like hell North’s resembles Kanye more closely than the current reports indicate she does.

  • EmilyTrainham

    Oh, the drama begins!

  • allie

    Is she too light? lol

  • namers

    She has Mason’s eyebrows? Yup, it’s Kim’s. lol.

  • Angel 2009

    Said it before – Kanye, you schmuck!

  • drdebo cherry

    not everyone gets pregnant by accident.

  • drdebo cherry

    if kanye wasn’t such a self-lover i’d believe she had someone elses baby- someone who looked more like KH who she wanted her child to look like.