Kim Kardashian Responds To Katy Perry’s Bound 2 Diss

Kim Kardashian Responds To Katy Perry's Bound 2 Diss

It used to be, five years ago Kim Kardashian wouldn’t dare respond when celebrities dissed her or her reality show. But she’s since gotten a big case of ego after her celebrity’s increased and she got together with Kanye West. She thinks she’s some sort of legitimate star now, which is one of the most ridiculous assumptions in a long list of assumptions she’s made about her place in Hollywood.

Anyway, when Katy Perry – an actual celebrity with talent and hard-earned fame – dissed Kim’s Bound 2 music video, Kim was reportedly seething with anger. Oh, there’s no doubt Katy will hear about this, whether through Kim passive-aggressively commenting or saying something through Kanye. There’s no target too high for Kim – she’s already hit back at Katie Couric for insulting her, and even if she doesn’t do or say anything, she’ll send Kanye out to do her bidding. No doubt, Kanye will come up with some ridiculous rap, rant, or song insulting Katy and John Mayer. But really, why would Katy or John care?

Kanye and Kim are slowly becoming the laughingstocks of the music industry, even if Kanye is actually talented and still has clout. His association with Kim isn’t helping matters, and that atrocity of a music video made it clear that Kim was starting to affect his judgment on quality. If he thought the Bound 2 music video was good, I shudder to think that we’ll be subjected to in the future.

What do you guys think? Will Kim make a public statement to Katy, or will she wait? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

6 responses to “Kim Kardashian Responds To Katy Perry’s Bound 2 Diss”

  1. KMC says:

    “Kim Kardashian Responds To Katy Perry’s Bound 2 Diss With Outrage”
    Funny the title of the article made it sound like Kim made an actual statement. After reading the article one sees no statement by Kim, but a long winded article about nothing but your assumptions. This is a problem that is constant in your “articles”
    Please, start posting articles that are worth reading.

  2. Perry’s video was better

  3. Janie Gibson says:

    Love the John & Katy!! They’re such decent people & Kim doesn’t have a though in her flakey head!! No one cares about them anymore..

  4. Angel 2009 says:

    Kimmode might respond but it will be her PR team who will handle the actual press release because she’s borderline stupid and inarticulate.

  5. thebutcher says:

    He doesn’t have any musical talent what so ever. Any 8 year old can come up with better music ideas than him. I can teach an 8 year old how to do a 4 beat measure and hit repeat for a million times

  6. Lorenzo says:

    Seems like a biased article written by a 12 year old Katy Perry fan. Are you forgetting Kanye and Katy made a song together? The Bound 2 video is a joke poking fun at dramatized southern movies where the good guy runs away with the girl into the sunset. Kanye said so himself. Kanye may be “talentless” but he’s designed more clothes, made more collaborations, and had more money than you ever will.