Kim Kardashian Admits She’s Not Ready for Motherhood – Goes MIA

Kim Kardashian Admits She's Not Ready for Motherhood - Goes MIA

Kim Kardashian may have had her baby, North West, a week ago but don’t think for a minute that she is the least bit ready for all of the responsibility that goes along with being a mom. She spent 9, okay 8 months carrying a child that she made no real attempt to bond with. Instead she spend that time trying to figure out how to hide her baby bump and look sexy instead. Smart first time mothers spend that time reading up on babies and really are aware of what is going on with their child inutero. Instead Kim continued to be one of the most self absorbed celebs around and so it’s no wonder she’s completely lost now.

According to the July 1st print edition of In Touch Kim has absolutely no idea what comes next. All that she’s sure of is that she is now responsible for this screaming bundle of joy and baby daddy Kanye West appears to be plotting to flee to Paris as soon as he can make a break for it.  She has no concept of how to put another person ahead of herself or even her career.

Kim is hiding out at an undisclosed location and while I’d like to think it’s because she wants to guard her privacy and focus on her new baby I just don’t buy it. Even when Kim complained non-stop about her pregnancy that didn’t stop her from parading in front of waiting cameras each day. I think what’s really keeping her out of the limelight now is the fact that she is really a broken train wreck. She is no longer capable of putting on a layer of make up and smiling her way even to a waiting car.

Kim got everything she thought she wanted and guess what? Girlfriend is realizing that this is not at all the life she envisioned for herself. Not only did she attach herself to a notoriously selfish man but she then has a baby, making her previous failed relationships look like nothing comparatively. What a mess Kim has created. Luckily, she’ll have 18 years to figure out motherhood! Tell us your thoughts on Kim’s MIA act in the comments below!

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  • drdebo cherry

    you reap what you sow…if you only plant onions you’ll only be able to havest onions….this is one of the most unshakable truths of life on our planet- all she ever gets are onions- since thats all she planted- and we will continue to see them comming back to her for days, months, years and decades to come.

  • Angel 2009

    Poor little Princess Kimmode – she still doesn’t have the fairytale she believes she deserves. Now she’s stuck with a baby, she’s no longer the center of attention, she’s lost her body and she’s clinging to a man who’s a bigger egomaniac than her.
    Yeah, Karma really got her good!