Kim Kardashian Risks Baby’s Health for Raw Fish Dinner

Kim Kardashian Risks Baby's Health for Raw Fish Dinner

Oh boy, let the backlash begin! Kim Kardashian must realize that she will spend the next six months under a ridiculous microscope and so she’ll have two choices: either lay low (and that ain’t gonna’ happen) or get ready to explain every move she makes. This morning loads of photos of Kim in a black dress looking a bit pudgy have popped up online, but people are neglecting to mention that they are from her dinner date at NOBU.

Supposedly Kim met up with a bunch of pals at one of LA’s hottest sushi bars and that made us here at Celeb Dirty Laundry stop and think for a second (and that is about all the thinking of which we are capable on a cover Wednesday). Raw fish is a no-no for pregnant women and I’m pretty sure she has been informed of this. Until now I figured Kimmie will follow all the pregnancy rules and then just leave her baby to be raised by nannies and paraded around in a couture outfit once a week. Now I wonder if she will even be able to let go of her chronic selfishness for a few months in order to have a healthy baby.

Kim has flip flopped on the idea of pregnancy recently on Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. We have seen her actually vilify Kourtney’s boring life as a mother and publicly say she’s glad that she’s not one!  Of course now she claims to be thrilled to have a baby on board but let’s be real here, Kim is spoiled rotten. Is she even capable of abstaining from something as simple as sushi for a few months?

Can Kim give up her completely pampered lifestyle even temporarily? She’s not used to hearing the word no or having to deny herself anything. Do you think she’s willing to do it now, or was that trip to NOBU just an example of how careless she is in this pregnancy? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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One response to “Kim Kardashian Risks Baby’s Health for Raw Fish Dinner”

  1. STFU! What the hell are you saying? Kim will be a great mom!!!! If Snooky can have a kid, everybody can!!!