Kris Humphries’ Lawyer Drops Kim Kardashian Divorce, Will She Marry Kanye West Before Baby?

Kris Humphries' Lawyer Drops Kim Kardashian Divorce, Will She Marry Kanye West Before Baby? 0215

What a lovely post-Valentine’s Day gift from your estranged husband! Kris Humphries’ lawyer, Marshall Waller, has pulled out of the Kim Kardashian divorce case. But let’s clarify. Waller Quit – Kris hasn’t. It’s apparently full speed ahead on the humiliation and embarrassment for Team Kris. Waller left the case citing an “irremediable breakdown of the attorney-client relationship.” Oooh, that’s good. Whatever could have been the problem? Could all that power Kris has been bragging about finally have corrupted him? Did the Kardashians get to Waller with their Kimmy pregnant sob story or did he just realize that this shit has gone on for long enough? I would let him off the hook for any of those excuses for sure.

Whatever the reason, this doesn’t bode well for the Humphries divorce. Usually when your lawyer drops you in the middle of a high profile case you’re A) Lindsay Lohan, or B) acting the fool (usually A and B are the same thing). I think everyone can agree that Kris should have taken the money and ran months ago but his pride is turning out to be very entertaining.

So let’s say Kim gets that divorce before the July baby deadline, will she pull a quickie wedding to Kanye West to make that baby nice and legitimate? It’s not like Kris Jenner hasn’t pulled a wedding out of her ass before and one might think, since it’s Kim’s third, she might go for something low-key this time around. But I got the doubts. Kim likes big. Kim likes special. And, if we’ve learned anything from her Instagram, Kim likes to look skinny in pictures. There’s no way she’s getting married to her one and only in her third trimester. Can you imagine her boobs popping out of that strapless white dress? Come on! You know Kim wouldn’t pick anything remotely appropriate!

Attached – Kim leaving the gym yesterday. Why is the baby bump hit or miss? Do you think she wears spanx to the gym?


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