Kris Jenner and Ben Flajnik Are Totally Hooking Up – Dating and Sleeping Together All Week (PHOTO)

Kris Jenner and Ben Flajnik Are Totally Hooking Up - Dating and Sleeping Together All Week (PHOTO)

When Bachelor star Ben Flajnik went on record with US Weekly to say that he and Kris Jenner were not hooking up I believed him because a.) yuck, b.) not knowing too much about the dude I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, and c.) did I mention yuck? Now I realize that I was just being naïve (although I prefer to call it hopeful that not every celebrity lies in PR statements all of the time), because these reality stars are totally doing the nasty (*gagging … takes a deep breath and swallows … ‘ok, I am better now’).

On Wednesday October 23rd Ben attended Kanye West’s concert in Oakland, CA with Kris and her newly engaged cash cow daughter Kim Kardashian. Ben was looking just has sweaty as I remember him on the Bachelorette when Ashley Hebert gave him the old heave ho, and Kris looked like the cat that got the canary as she knocked back a few at the concert.

By Friday October 25th these two crazy media whore love birds Ben and Kris were spotted on a shopping spree at Barney’s. Your eyes do not deceive you; you did in fact read that right, they were department store shopping together. They made no attempt to hide the fact that they were together, quite the opposite actually. They both seemed to be enjoying the paparazzi attention as they left the posh store and drove off – alone – together.

In his denial to US Weekly Ben said that he couldn’t possibly be dating Kris because he is spoken for, telling them, “I’ve been dating this girl. She’s local, she’s in the wine business. We’ve been dating, she’s super great and super smart. It’s been a few months at this point.” Kris never formally denied that she is dating Ben but a source close to her said, “They are really good friends and are working on several business projects together.” I call BS to both these statements. Ben’s statement contained elements of truth (even the time frame fits) – he has been dating a grandma, she is loco, and she is in the business of drinking wine … her name is Kris. And as for the other statement well let’s just say that they are working on something but it is not confined to business projects. Might we expect Ben as Kris’ date for Kim’s third wedding?

For mama Kardashian a young guy like Ben is everything her little cougar heart desires, and as for Ben … something tells me this relationship is just a way for him to insert himself back into the public eye (and accumulate some goodies from his sugar mama in the meantime) – but come on man there has got to be a better way than boning mama Kardashian. Geez Ben is nothing sacred anymore!?! I. Guess. Not.

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