Kristen Stewart So Distraught Over Robert Pattinson Split She’s Balding! (PHOTO)

Kristen Stewart So Distraught Over Robert Pattinson Split She's Balding! (PHOTO)

Is Kristen Stewart going bald? A picture documenting an extremely unflattering close up of Kristen’s thin hair has been circulating around the web, and whether you believe it’s just Kristen being her grungy self or actual hair loss, that’s up for you to decide. But we’re just going to note . . . . it definitely looks like it’s thinning.

Of course, there could be various explanations for this, but according to Hollywood Life, it’s because of stress from Kristen’s split with Robert Pattinson. A source explains that Kristen is losing ‘clumps of hair’, adding, “Kristen’s circle are so concerned about her that two of her friends have flown to Germany [where she’s filming] to see her. The stress of not having Rob in her life has some believing that her hair is thinning and falling out. Her part appeared to show her hair thinning in photos taken in August.”

Well, let’s look at this objectively. I think we can all agree that the picture HL published is not the least bit flattering. However, I think we can agree that Kristen’s maintenance of her hair is not the best, considering it often looks grimy and unwashed – which leads to unflattering angles and parts that make her hair look balding. There were also rumors that Kristen had gotten extensions in her hair, and she apparently didn’t really take good care of them. Bad extensions or not maintaining extensions can also lead to hair loss in some people.

In conclusion, Kristen could be balding, sure. The picture definitely makes her look like she’s dealing with it. But when you look at her other pictures, you can’t see even a hint of hair loss – which means it was either a bad part, unflattering picture, or temporary hair loss caused by extensions or improper maintenance. Keep in mind – when you don’t wash your hair for days and days, it will automatically look greasier and thinner, and even if you’re not balding, the right camera angle will make it look like you are. And that’s the likeliest explanation for Kristen’s hair ‘balding’.

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Image credit to FameFlynet