Desperate Kristen Stewart Pursues Robert Pattinson Across the Globe To Australia

Desperate Kristen Stewart Pursues Robert Pattinson Across the Globe To Australia

Supposedly after the holidays Robert Pattinson pulled the plug on his relationship with Kristen Stewart.  The couple spent time in London with his family (who has completely turned on the home wrecking actress) and perhaps they finally got through to the actor. After trying to reconcile he supposedly just hasn’t been able to trust Kristen and so before heading off to work down under, he ended things.

Supposedly Kristen had become super needy and clingy and that was a huge turn off for the actor – as it is for any man. I guess the misery princess isn’t dealing so well with the split and has decided that if she follows Rob to Australia then she’ll be able to win him back!  That makes perfect sense! If you’re already called clingy trail the guy half way around the globe to prove your undying devotion.

Perhaps Rob just needs breathing room and another country after all the nonsense, sounded like a really good idea! Chasing after him is going to have the exact opposite effect that she’s hoping for. Also, if Rob couldn’t trust her when she was smothering him how on earth could he when work seperated them? It sounds to me like he tried to fix it, realized it was never going to work and ended things. Who wants to stress about what a woman that you know is a chronic cheater is doing while you are out of the country? Probably not Rob.

If Kristen heads for Australia do you think she’ll get Rob back or will it be a wasted effort? Is it time for these two to move on once and for all? Isn’t a better situation waiting for both of them down the road? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet