Robert Pattinson Dumped Kristen Stewart Because He Couldn’t Forgive The Cheating

Robert Pattinson Dumped Kristen Stewart Because He Couldn't Forgive The Cheating  0122

I feel like I haven’t written about these two in ages but here we are. And the lame story still hasn’t changed! Apparently Robert Pattinson dumped Kristen Stewart last week and we’re finally getting the full details on why. He, and more importantly, his family just couldn’t get past her cheating. The always lovely and soul-searching Robert Pattinson couldn’t forgive! How long ago did Kristen Stewart bump uglies with Rupert Sanders in her Mini Cooper? Six months? And he just now couldn’t forgive?

What happened to all the stories about them moving to London together? What happened to being spotted at the Golden Globes party? Could all this nonsense really be true? I figured it would take time. People always rush to get back together without processing situations fully because they’re scared shitless of being alone. I kinda assumed that’s what happened to Rob so it would take him a couple months to come to terms with Kristen’s ruthless trampire (I haven’t written that word in FOREVER) treachery. But… I’m not buying it. Rob’s in Australia filming Rover. He’s probably having a great ‘ole time too. And why not? Australia is a blast. But that doesn’t mean the couple is dunzo. I don’t care what these “sources” say. Until I’ve got a statement from their reps (and we all know Kristen isn’t above statements) then I’m still on the Robsten 4-ever train.

I can’t figure out why the tabloids keep going with the Rob’s Family Hates Kristen angle though. They’re always milking that pretty hard. Does Kristen need more girlfriends? Maybe her PR people should get on that. Is it so easy to believe Rob’s sisters hate Kristen because she’s not a girl’s girl. She was with Dakota Fanning… that is until everyone said they were lesbians. But she was with Nikki Reed… that is until she stole Rob away from her. OK, maybe Kristen’s people have some work ahead of them.  Maybe if the public saw Kristen hanging with some chicks while Rob’s away her image might soften a bit and these stories might ease up a bit. Maybe? Or is it once a trampire always a trampire?




5 responses to “Robert Pattinson Dumped Kristen Stewart Because He Couldn’t Forgive The Cheating”

  1. twilighter says:

    No, it once an idiot always an idiot. If she hung with girls they would just claim she is a lesbian. If she hung with guys they would claim she is cheating again. If she tried to work, they would claim she was doing another director or actor. And if she stayed at home and never came out, they would just make something up.
    Bottom line tabloids + unnamed sorces= BS. While the tabloids chase their tails making up bull, the real story get missed. The “cheating scandal” was staged.

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