Kristen Stewart: High Or Bored At Met Gala? Falls Asleep On Way There With Cameron Diaz

Kristen Stewart: High Or Bored At Met Gala? Falls Asleep On Way There With Cameron Diaz 0507

Dear Kristen Stewart, if you don’t want to go to these major events then just DON’T GO! Who’s is making you since you obviously don’t want to be there? Is there anything sorrier than Kristen Stewart walking down a red carpet? Don’t bother answering that. The answer is no.

Probably should have known it wasn’t going to be one of her nights when she fell asleep on the way there. She shared a car with Stella McCartney (who designed her Spanish-inspired jump suit) and Cameron Diaz. That is a motley crew, right? What in the world would Kristen and Cameron have to talk about? Oh, right, that’s why the poor girl just shut her eyes and put her head back while Cameron kept squawking. You can see the pics here. They’re pretty hilarious. It’s almost like Kristen’s saying to herself: “Dear God, will this woman ever shut the hell up?”

And then she hit the red carpet and it was all downhill from there. I get it. Everyone was giving their best Blue Steel last night but Jesus Christ you look like a matador! Calm the ef down! Was she just annoyed that Robert Pattinson apparently bailed on her? Or was she pissed Katy Perry tried to talk to her? Check out the pic below. I hate to photo assume but that isn’t the happiest pic of Katy and Kristen. Perhaps all of Katy’s nights with Rob are starting to get on Kristen’s nerves….

Or she could have just been high. Kristen Stewart is known to do that and she had a long night of posing ahead of her. You got to do what you got to do.

What do you think of the Kristen Stewart/Met Gala appearance? Should she have stayed at home and gotten some sleep instead?


Photo Credit: Diane Cohen/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

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6 responses to “Kristen Stewart: High Or Bored At Met Gala? Falls Asleep On Way There With Cameron Diaz”

  1. Jessica Lewis says:

    i think they just caught her blinking. I mean, y’all read too much into some things. I did not see any of what y’all talked about in this article. I think y’all just seen a few pics and decided to make an article from it because y’all are too bored to do anything useful! I mean the woman that made her dress had her eyes closed as well….does that mean she was sleeping as well or was it just a coincidence!?

  2. earsucker says:

    Her outfit is awful…just sayin’.

  3. This article is absurd. Everything about it. Kristen is uncomfortable posing for pictures..that is it. I happen to love this pant suit and Kristen rocked it. You all need to find something else to write about. All your blogs are just stupid!!

  4. HopeOn says:

    Please show us your picture from the Met Ball and the designer you went with. Kristen was not asleep in that picture, the theme of the Ball was Punk and Chaos- things generally not associated with perky smiles. If a smile was demanded of Kristen (and there were smile pictures you chose not to use) then it should be demanded that at all fashion shows the models must flash perky smiles or it might seem like they don’t want to be there. Leave Kristen alone, she seemed very happy to be wearing Stella McCartney and I’m sure Cameron Diaz has some good stories to tell- Kristen knows how to live in the moment and soak up what she can learn from those around her. No doubt she had a ‘omg, I am eating dinner with Paul McCartney’s daughter’ moment.

    Try removing your snark blinders every once in awhile.

  5. SpringBeauty says:

    Maybe she was wonderin how she was going to pee in that jumpsuit? I did like it on her tho. Red eye shadow doesn’t send me on anyone…

  6. Ross Sherri says:

    yes, she should have stayed home and FIRE! her designer she just looks ridiculous in that outfit and some others she has made appearances in. She’s pretty and needs to find better outfits. And what is she doing hanging out with Cameron she’s right she is a loud, talker and would annoy me too.