LeAnn Rimes Buy’s Eddie Cibrian $4.5 Million Mansion To Stop His Cheating

LeAnn Rimes Buy’s Eddie Cibrian $4.5 Million Mansion To Stop His Cheating

Eddie Cibrian is famous for his wandering eye and ace lying skills, but LeAnn Rimes won’t let his infidelity end their marriage. She’s developed a new system to keep her man (partially) loyal: make him financially independent. It’s no secret that Cibrian’s acting career is dead, and he’s only in the news because of his famous wife and famous ex, Brandi Glanville. LeAnn can’t keep Eddie from leaving her, but she can keep him financially tied up! Evidence of her strategy? She bought him a mansion for Christmas! Not a watch, or even the typical celebrity Ferrari with a big red bow! LeAnn dropped a cool $4.5 million on a mansion in Hidden Hills, California.

A source reported to Star Magazine, print edition January 21, 2013, “She doesn’t care how extravagant his tastes are. If it keeps Eddie happy, she’ll make it happen!” If a neon light has gone off in your head flashing “gold digging husband,” you’re right on! LeAnn went all out on the mansion. It’s nestled comfortably near Kris Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, and Drake, on two acres of land. The house has a pool, six bedrooms, a full gym, and gourmet kitchen! So why a house? I think LeAnn is buying his love!

The insider claims that “Eddie has been dropping hints for a year now that he wishes they had a nicer house. he said he wanted somewhere really big, with space for his sons, Mason and Jake, to play. LeAnn never says no to him and spent the past few months secretly house hunting.” I don’t want to enforce typical gender roles, but something seems really unhealthy about a cheating husband with kids from a past marriage who is blackmailing his rich new wife into buying real estate! Or is she blackmailing him with her wealth? Maybe they’re both to blame! Either way, this marriage makes the list of dysfunctional relationships—especially since LeAnn is so mentally unstable!

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7 responses to “LeAnn Rimes Buy’s Eddie Cibrian $4.5 Million Mansion To Stop His Cheating”

  1. NOT ONLY is He making Leann MORE INSANE, He’s taking Her to the BANK!!! YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW…

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  4. thiswon'tendwell says:

    She should have stuck to renting. Once she buys the house, community property makes it half his and makes him less dependent on her. The saddest thing about the whole LeAnn and Eddie, saga is that everyone can see the writing on the wall and it isn’t going to end well for LeAnn, Eddie was a nobody and even though LeAnn’s career wasn’t exactly stellar,anymore, she wasn’t reviled by the public like she is now. She’s given up her reputation and career for a man who is using her for her money and wouldn’t be with her right now if she lost it all. He’s playing her in a major way.

  5. Linda Cannon says:

    LeAnn can’t have that much money-she hasn’t had a hit in years, has she ?

  6. Holly says:

    Just because LeAnn buys her husband anything doesn’t mean that she is trying to keep him around. Maybe she goes all out for him because she loves him.

    God bless you and her and her family always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of her)

    P.S. If I ever get married, I am going to make sure that my husband knows how much I love him. There is this thing called initiative. Look it up.

    • marie says:

      Holy Holly — you’re a naive dumba$$ who can’t (or won’t) see the situation for what it appears to be. Maybe she DOES do these things out of love. If so, Eddie needs to open his mouth and do some explaining because so far he appears to be a low-down snake.