LeAnn Rimes Clinging To Eddie Cibrian and Her Marriage But Failing Desperately

LeAnn Rimes Clinging To Eddie Cibrian and Her Marriage But Failing Desperately

LeAnn Rimes accompanied her husband Eddie Cibrian to the LA premier for the movie, The Best Man Holiday that he has a bit – as in itty bitty – part in. Unlike the other stars of the show that were photographed on the red carpet – alone – control freak LeAnn kept a death grip on Eddie, even forcing her tongue down his throat at one point like the classy lady she is. Hop on over to Celebitchy to view all the pictures of the gruesome-twosome at the premiere in all their glory, and by glory I mean disgrace.

I am just going to put it out there, WTH was LeAnn wearing!?! It is safe to say by her ensemble that whatever stylist was helping her dress and look like Brandi Glanville has quit, because Brandi would never wear something that hideous. I do find it odd that she would have chosen such an awful getup considering the fact that she had nothing but time on her hands to spend picking out an outfit that would flatter her growing body. I mean come on it is not like she is busy getting ready for the CMA’s, which speaking of the CMA’s she had this to say, “next year it’s on!!!” Bless your delusional heart LeAnn. You said the same thing last year when you weren’t invited, and this year you had an album just come out and it wasn’t on so no LeAnn next year it is not on, your CMA days are o-v-e-r, you might as well begin accepting that right now. The truth is, Eddie’s premiere was the only event she had planned for this week and she failed to dress and act appropriately. Can I get a show of hands for those who are surprised by this … no one … ok, moving on.

Eddie isn’t looking too hot himself. And no I am not just talking about the look of despair in his eyes that is screaming, “free me from the psycho I call my wife,” but he has aged dramatically since marrying LeAnn. Eddie better get out while he can because he relies on his looks NOT his acting skills to land him jobs, and LeAnn is not just bad for his PR, but obviously detrimental to his looks. Stress will do that and it seems ‘ole Eddie has realized that when you marry for money you soon earn you keep. I will say this, although I am not a fan of Eddie (quite the opposite actually) I do have two words of advice for him – free yourself. Free. Yourself.

During their walk down the red carpet LeAnn made an overly forceful attempt to kiss Eddie and was denied BIG TIME, making for a very awkward moment. In the shot LeAnn is trying hard to weasel her tongue into Eddie’s mouth, but he refuses her and just gives her a quick peck (maybe he didn’t want to get too close to that cold sore – oops I mean cut on her lip she has been complaining about). When someone asked LeAnn if her over the top display of affection towards Eddie was just a way to squash those pesky divorce rumors she tweeted, “nope we just like to play grab ass! Why let a crowd stop us :)” Oh LeAnn he wasn’t grabbing your ass, you were clinging onto him for dear life, and he was all, “ewwww get off me before you give me cooties.”

All joking aside last night proved that LeAnn is holding onto Eddie by a pinky –literally and figuratively. It is obviously that LeAnn is desperate to keep Eddie and save face since she basically threw away everything including her dignity to be with him, but the harder she tries the more apparent it becomes that this marriage is nearing its expiration date. As Bob Marley sang, “You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time,” and we are NOT fooled. We never were.

Speaking of fool’s, LeAnn proved this morning that she is the biggest one of all by showing how painfully jealous and insecure she is when it comes to Brandi (I know, I know, what else is new). She thanked two fans on Twitter for dissing Brandi, and actually kept Brandi tagged in the tweet – sweet right. It started when someone suggested Brandi would have looked better in the outfit that LeAnn wore to Eddie’s premiere. That is when two of LeAnn’s fans jumped in to bash Brandi, ending with a thank you from LeAnn:

LeAnn Rimes Clinging To Eddie Cibrian Marriage

Listen LeAnn you can’t say you don’t engage and encourage the hate when we can clearly see on your timeline that you do. Capiche? Next time at least have a shred of decency and untag Brandi. Geez you are like dealing with a little child.

As the day progressed so did LeAnn’s delusions – or perhaps she was just trying to make herself feel better after the ego blow she suffered when it became public knowledge that she had to hire someone to play her friend (who in strange turn of events is actually a real-life friend of Brandi) on the scripted show she and Eddie are filming for VH1 – because she took to Twitter to proclaim herself the most bootylicious of them all:

 LeAnn Rimes Clinging To Eddie Cibrian Marriage

HAHAHA indeed – (**facepalm while shaking my head**) – please someone tell me that she is joking. The only list LeAnn is making this year is most awkward celebrity kiss, most drunk tweets, or most hated celeb… again. In September of this year Star released its annual Most Hated Celebrities in Hollywood list and LeAnn currently holds the number 12 spot, but Gwyneth Paltrow better watch out because it looks like LeAnn is gunning for that number 1 spot in 2014. I guess she figures it is better to be number 1 somewhere – anywhere – even if it is a list no one wants to be on. Don’t worry LeAnn you’ve got my vote.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

  • wait what

    She’s PATHETIC!! I have a feeling eddiot will wait till after New year’s to dump her. WHERE’S YOUR WEDDING RING??

  • Angel 2009

    From the looks of those carpet pics, I’m surprised she didn’t try to dry hump him too! She reeks of desperation and neediness.

  • gonoles1

    He looks miserable not that I feel sorry for him. She is just downright horrid looking. what is up with those shoes/boots??? She is so trying to make it look like they are a happy couple. she is failing……

  • These two nonentities deserve each other!

  • Adkm81

    Yeah, the flop cd & a non reality reality show that won’t ever air. Their marriage is over. Karma

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