Liberty Ross Forgives Kristen Stewart But Thinks She Is Pathetic

Liberty Ross Forgives Kristen Stewart But Think’s She Is Pathetic

Last week, Liberty Ross filed for divorce from husband and baby daddy Rupert Sanders, six months after his affair with Kristen Stewart. We were surprised—but only that it took her so long! The guy is a first-rate louse, to be sure, and we’d have dumped him the same day news broke! But Liberty was focused on keeping their marriage intact for the sake of their kids. After six months of couples therapy and, we’re sure, a lot of meditation and gossip with girlfriends, Liberty has decided to cut herself free from the liar and move forward.

We still think that Robert Pattinson has something to do with her sudden move, as the two had an awkward run in at a Golden Globes after party. As they were both devastated by cheating partners, they’ve a lot in common! It stands to reason that Liberty would forever hold a burning torch of passionate hate in her heart for the woman who participated in such disloyal acts while in a committed relationship, but instead, the scorned wife has taken the high road! An insider reported to Hollywood Life that she’s let go of the anger, and is moving on.

The good thing about Liberty is that she’s not upset anymore,” the source said. “She’s had time to get over the initial shock and awe of it when it was exposed last year and the divorce was the nail in the coffin.” Isn’t it for most couples? It’s always sad to see a family break apart, but they can come out stronger for the experience. Just because parents don’t work as a couple doesn’t mean the family is fundamentally broken. “That girl’s extremely mature,” the insider said of Liberty. “She’s handled all this public tragedy in her life with grace and humility for the sake of her children. I toast to her.”

So do we! Liberty is a paradigm of class and strength, and we applaud her response to the hideous affair. Instead of focusing her energies on the gaping wound inflicted by Rupert and Kristen, Liberty has turned her mind to more pressing matters. “All she cares about right now are her children and her future.” It sounds like the divorce will be quite amiable, as the two are already working out co-parenting. “She’s spoken to Rupert by phone and the conversations were all business—trying to discuss the arrangements for the children.” No word from Kristen on how it feels to have participated in the destruction of a family. Of course, it isn’t all her fault, but she should never have said yes to a married man!

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2 responses to “Liberty Ross Forgives Kristen Stewart But Thinks She Is Pathetic”

  1. Lulu Collazo says:

    One would have to be so naive as to believe Kristen has everything to do with this. Something must have been wrong in their marriage. Any MOM, MOTHER WITH MATERNAL INSTINCTS would have seen this as what it is, and what it is: just an act of indiscretion from a young girl and an act of harassment from her husband. With proper counseling this could have been overcome for the sake of the kids. They could have MOVED ON. I BELIEVE WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!!!!! THIS IS LIBERTY ROSS TRYING AGAIN TO HAVE HER 15 MINUTES OF FAME. SHE RECENTLY RELEASED NUDE PICTURES. WHAT A GREAT COINCIDENCE!!! PLEASE STOP CALLING KRISTEN STEWART THE WRONG DOER, SHE IS ALSO A VICTIM AND THE SCARLET LETTER OF THE 21ST CENTURY!!! GOOD LORD! THIS TIME I WOULD ADVICE KRISTEN STEWART TO SPEAK TO HER ATTORNEYS AND STOP THIS Defamatory CAMPAIGN AGAINST HER!!!!! HOPE SHE OR HER STAFF READS THIS.

    • ap says:

      You should be the one married to Rupert so you can decide to divorce the cheater or need more counseling.the magnitude of humiliation that Liberty Ross had suffered from the hands of her cheating husband and Kristen stewart is so unforgivable.the whole population of planet earth knew about it.its not for you to say that they can move on.youre not the one being cheated and humiliated.Rupert didnt cheat on you.yes Kristen Stewart is a victim ,victim of her stupidity and recklessness.Hahahaha you think her attorney and her PR people are just a dumb spectator doing nothing sitting in the corner watching her crucified by the media and court of public opinion if theres a way to save her from her own stupidity.Liberty Ross had a lot of fame already.she is an ex vogue model.she might be not so popular is the US but she had a career in England before she moved to LA so stop accussing her of 15 minutes of fame .you sound like a Krisbians.