Michael Jordon Fouled By Pamela Smith and Grant “Taj” Reynolds’ Paternity Claim

Michael Jordon Fouled By Pamela Smith and Grant "Taj" Reynolds’ Paternity Claim

By now we all know that NBA legend Michael Jordan has been sued by alleged oral-sex expert, Pamela Smith, who claims he fathered her 16-year-old son, Grant “Taj” Reynolds . She wants a paternity test. Smith is an oral-sex expert who teaches couples how to spice up their sex lives. Gossip Extra reports:

Smith also goes by the professional name Evette Smith — and she claims to be the ATL’s foremost expert on sex and relationships! Her website, www.officialqueenofromance.com, says that she works as a certified “loveologist” and relationship coach.

On her twitter site loveologist, Evette describes Smith as a former model, NFL cheerleader and boxing ring girl who’s now an entrepreneur. This renowned opportunist just won’t go away and insists on causing trouble for Michael Jordan. Is Smith really just bringing attention to her business and using the NBA Superstar to do so with all the free publicity and press.

The American Airlines flight attendant and oral-sex expert said that her motive is not money. That she is now filing the suit because her son wants to know who his biological father is. Can we really believe that after 16 years, now and only now Grant Pierce Jay Jordan Reynolds, aka Taj, wants to know who his father is – OMG he already knows his legal father, Glenville George Reynolds.

Michael Jordon Fouled By Pamela Smith and Grant "Taj" Reynolds’ Paternity Claim

Smith filed for divorce from Glenville G. Reynolds in 2003, and the court documents say the child is the offspring of the couple.  The boy’s birth date and name are also listed with Reynolds signing the documents, claiming everything is “true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.  In 16 years now Taj wants to claim Michael Jordan as his father. Interesting enough we should note that Smith’s lawyer, Randy Kessler, says the ex-husband hasn’t paid child support and hasn’t been involved in the teen’s life. MONEY IS NOT THE MOTIVE—I BET!!!! Pamela says money is not the motive but Glenville George Reynolds was arrested on 4/23/2011 in Fulton County, GA. for fail to pay child support

According to Smith she had a two-year relationship with Jordan after the two met in Chicago. She insists that her son was conceived out of love with Jordan and not the result of a brief encounter. Smith forgot to say that the child allegedly was conceived out of a lie since she wants us to believe the true identity of the father is none other than the legendary Michael Jordan.

Since Taj’s mother and father where married at time of his birth according to Georgia law, Taj is presumed Mr. Reynolds’s son. To add to that, when the Reynolds divorced in 2003, Pamela swore out a complaint alleging that Mr. Reynolds was the father of Taj Reynolds. Damn I see an opportunist emerging attempting to drag yet another NBA Baller name through the mud.  But let’s face it—it is not that hard since NBA stars continue to sleep with anything that resembles a woman.

We can now understand the reason for Jordan’s lawyer John Mayoue’s response in a document filed in Fulton County Superior Court that the six-time NBA champion is not the father of Pamela Y. Smith’s 16-year-old son. The paternity of the teen was “conclusively established” in divorce filings between Smith and her ex-husband, Glenville G. Reynolds and according to Jordan lawyer her suit is a “shameless, bad faith attempt to abuse the legal system.

Jordan’s publicist releases a statement:

“Public records show that the paternity of the child was established in a prior case in this same court many years ago and that Michael Jordan is not the father. He also filed a counterclaim seeking sanctions for the false claims made against him. It is unfortunate that well-known figures are the target of these kinds of claims. Michael Jordan will vigorously defend himself and his reputation.”

According to TMZ Pamela’s technical legal problem is actually amusing … before filing her case against Jordan, she forgot one little thing — removing her ex-husband from the birth certificate which lists him as the daddy.

Pamela is seeking a paternity test (what a joke). If the test comes back positive for Jordon as the babby daddy then she wants full custody and child support. WAIT did I miss something like a 16 year old can decide which parent they would like to stay with and if this young man truly wants to  really know his real father than why would you not want them to build a relationship for the years you stole if this pathetic story is by some chance true.  Can anyone say (MONEY)?  Taj is 16 years old and could have privately chosen to contact Michael Jordan to discuss his mother accusation but instead they decided to go on this public character assignation of Jordan.  We all know Jordan has been known as a womanizer but an absentee father I seriously doubt.

The NBA legend is turning the tables on Pamela Smith who accused him of being the unwitting sperm donor of her 16-year-old son and he wants HER to pay up to all the trouble she caused. These scandalous money hungry, attention seeking whores need to see that they cannot sue for monetary game and be held liable for their ludicrous claims to fame.

Jordan is planning to marry Yvette Prieto on April 27th has two sons, Jeffrey Michael and Marcus James, and a daughter, Jasmine with his ex-wife, Juanita.  Do you believe Pamela Smith? Is she just an opportunist looking for a cause and way to be successful? Let me hear your thoughts.

Michael Jordon Fouled By Pamela Smith and Grant "Taj" Reynolds’ Paternity Claim

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  • Cayenne Scott

    I do not believe MJ is the father of this child. I believe she has carried a torch for him thru the years and as he got older she started wishing he was MJ son and then imagining that he looked like him until her fantasy overlapped with h reality. And she convinced herself that her daliances with MJ occurred in the timeframe of conception. Why did she wait all these years before filing? She knew the father of child was her ex husband. Only in the past year did her mind convince her that he was looking more and more like MJ and she must have had the years mixed up. Pure fantasy. I saw the pictures of Glenville Reynolds and the kids looks like the mom and him.