Miley Cyrus’s Phone Was Stolen – Brace Yourself For The Sex Tape Leak Online

Miley Cyrus's Phone Was Stolen - Brace Yourself For The Sex Tape Leak Online

I have a feeling the disgust that so many people feel for Miley Cyrus after the VMAs and her Wrecking Ball video is about to get a whole lot stronger. According to a source close to Miley she is missing a whole lot more than guidance and clothing- she’s also missing her phone! Remember back in 2010 Miley lost her phone, like minutes after turning 18, and a whole bunch of nudie shots popped up on the internet? Yeah, don’t think that timing was a coincidence any more than this latest mistake.

Girlfriend just dropped her new video for Wrecking Ball which features her riding naked on a swinging wrecking ball, when not going down on a mallet just for the fun of it. Miley believes that this video combined with her twerk-filled VMA performance has left her viewing audience all hot and bothered so you know what’s going to be on that phone, right? Of course, a homemade porno starring Miley and one of her more recent conquests!

You and I both know that in Miley’s brain this is the sexiest idea ever. No better way to self-leak a video than to claim your phone was stolen, right? It kind of amazes me how Miley is thriving on all of the negative attention but she seems to not notice the chorus of men who say they weren’t turned on by her VMA performance or this video! She is really getting it all wrong if even when she throws herself at millions of men there are precious few takers!

Do you think a sex tape video is going to pop up soon? I mean a girl who was posing for pics before she was legal certainly must have moved on to bigger and better things, right? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • MakeHerUp

    Is it wrong that part of me wants to see Miley’s sex tape?

  • renee

    I think people should mine their business if u don’t like her music or what she do then stop following her . Plain as simple!!!!