Miley Cyrus The New Teen Idol After MTV VMAs – Lock Up Your Daughters and Pray (PHOTOS)

Miley Cyrus The New Teen Idol After MTV VMAs - Lock Up Your Daughters and Pray (PHOTOS)

I hope you’re sitting down. The most ratchet and memorable performance from this year’s MTV VMAs was Miley Cyrus hands down. The Hannah Montana star showed up, and showed out. Her performance was nothing short of jaw dropping.

To start, a fake version of Miley actually introduced the real star’s performance. The pretend Cyrus mocked her voice, her unattractive haircut, and that nasty little tongue she can’t keep in her broad mouth.

Miley then sashayed onto the stage, twerking her extremely meager cakes, belting out a rough version of her mega hit, ‘We Can’t Stop’. She wore a bear onsie, and put her already short hair into two pony tail balls that resembled devil’s horns. The ‘Party the USA’, Disney rebel’s performance even referred to molly and cocaine, but MTV bleeped the “molly” part.

She literally had on next to nothing, then stripped down some more (exposing a nude skimpy panty and bra) to perform ‘Blurred Lines’ with Robin Thicke. The crowd was appalled, but thirsty for every moment. She used a sports fan finger to insinuate sex, and masturbation. Cyrus had a thick dancer, with a big booty as a prop, and placed her face near the dancer’s ass, and smacked it. She disrespected the heck out of Paula Patton, and gyrated on Robin Thicke like she wanted a piece. The performance was a tease, and treat…we guess.

She lost a few fans, but gained a few. She danced to the shocked celebrity audience, and gave off a body odor through the television screen. It was freaky gross, but the most memorable performance of the night.

What are they giving these Disney kids? Did Miley ‘molly’ prove her point? If you think she’s suffering from an identity crisis, she tweeted, “I know what color my skin is. You can stop with the friendly reminders bitch.”

She promoted her highly anticipated, Bangerz
 album, and dropped the new song “Wrecking Ball,” before her performance. Lady Gaga is more talented, but she killed Gaga in the grandstand department… kind of.

Miley is the bar, like it or not. Your daughters, granddaughters and nieces want to be Miley, or Kylie and Kendall Jenner.