Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton Fast Track for Divorce: Cheating Scandal With Cady Groves

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If you thought for a minute that Blake Shelton has managed to convince wifey of nearly two years, Miranda Lambert, that he’s trustworthy then you’d be absolutely wrong. Things between the couple got really ugly awhile back when Miranda was pretty positive that Blake had been cheating on her with Nashville up-and-comer, Cady Groves. The two had carried on a flirtatious twitter relationship for nearly two years and Blake appeared in Cady’s first video, yet both have sworn that nothing questionable has happened between them.

Miranda confronted Cady and for some reason needed to believe that her husband hadn’t laid a finger on the ingenue. The problem is that according to the April 1st print edition of STAR Magazine, the two have been hooking up for the last two years. Blake supposedly talks a really good game and convinced Cady that she actually meant something to him. Nedless to say, when Miranda caught on and Blake dumped Cady like a hot potato it really pissed her off. Apparently Cady fell in love with Blake and bought in to all of his lies and so she’s contemplating spilling her guts, not just to Miranda, but to the press as well. Blake knows that his marriage is like a balancing act on a knife and that he very well could be headed for a hefty divorce sooner rather than later.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton Fast Track for Divorce: Cheating Scandal With Cady Groves

I have to think that Miranda already knows in her gut that he’s guilty. He got together with her while married to someone else! Miranda started off as a side dish so in her head she easily realizes that Cady is likely Blake’s current a la carte serving. The question is when will Miranda be strong enough to put her foot down. Cady isn’t the first woman that Blake has cheated with. Several have come out of the closet to tell stories of drunken tour bus sex, all while he was committed to Miranda.

Do you think that this marriage is going to last much longer? Things are truly hanging by a thread and it’s not that Miranda needs any more ammo, she simply has to choose to believe what’s in front of her face. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton Fast Track for Divorce: Cheating Scandal With Cady Groves

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8 responses to “Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton Fast Track for Divorce: Cheating Scandal With Cady Groves”

  1. RMV says:

    Being married to Miranda Lambert would be a blessing to a normal guy. She beautiful, talented and sexy. What more can a man ask for? I feel sorry for Blake, he’s in need of a good shrink. He must have lost his mind to cheat on Miranda. So I beg you Blake, get help man…….

  2. RMV says:

    Married to Miranda Lambert, and cheating on her????Blake , dude you need a serious shrink, my advice is to get help asap. I think you have lost your mind……….

  3. ch()ng says:

    you [expletive] hicks suck ass cady groves has it going on

  4. ch()ng says:

    cady groves owns4REAL

  5. lusmila says:

    Ha this is so made u, Cady has boyfriend in Kansas with whom she lives with there is no truth to this story

  6. Ringo Lapua says:

    Miranda has a great voice but she is a fat red neck girl screaming to get out. Blake is one of the most handsome personable entertainers on the planet and his appeal is a major chick magnet. Frankly, I don’t know how he handles it so well. As Miranda gets older, fatter and less attractive….Trouble????

  7. Ringo Lapua says:

    Miranda is a great singer but not that great looking and seems to have the ability to gain a lot of weight. Blake is a better looking dude than Miranda is as a woman in comparison. I see jealousy and problems down the line.

  8. italianirish1967 says:

    Blake once a cheater always a cheater. Miranda you are waaaay too GOOD FOR HIM.