Miranda Lambert Tells Blake Shelton “Rehab or Divorce Now” – Blake is a Mean Drunk and Miranda is Desperate!

Miranda Lambert Tells Blake Shelton "Rehab or Divorce Now" - Blake is a Mean Drunk and Miranda is Desperate!

When Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton first hooked up they really bonded over their love of booze and they have totally owned that fact. I guess the problem is that as the years have gone on the social drinks have turned into more like shots just to deal with each other and that’s when the real problems start. Miranda’s insecurity in the relationship is pretty legendary with her often talking about watching Blake like a hawk to make sure that he’s being faithful and honest. Their marriage is rooted in many things but the trust is chronically missing.

Fans of The Voice probably noticed that Blake seemed to be packing on the pounds over the past season and the majority of the weight is beer bloat. As his marriage has hit the skids and he finds himself constantly defending his interactions with other women to Miranda, he has been tossing back more drinks. At first she liked the extra weight but she hasn’t been much of a fan of the attitude that seems to accompany it.

Rumor has it that Blake enjoys taunting Miranda and pushing her insecure buttons after having a few drinks too many. Once she starts grilling him about his activities he responds by telling her about every sexy woman that he encountered, totally crushing Miranda’s self esteem. According to the Sept. 2nd print edition of National Enquirer she is completely at a breaking point. If Blake doesn’t go to rehab and sober up she is ready to do that thing that she swore would never happen- end their marriage!

Can you see Blake turning into an idiot when drunk? I mean, doesn’t that description sound like a million other men? Super nice when sober but just plain mean and messy when they drink? Will he get some help? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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3 responses to “Miranda Lambert Tells Blake Shelton “Rehab or Divorce Now” – Blake is a Mean Drunk and Miranda is Desperate!”

  1. Jocelyn says:

    I wonder if this is true…

  2. MakeHerUp says:

    I always wonder if there is any truth to these rumors. Time will tell.

  3. he’s such a drunken mess – please get him help