Nancy Dow, Jennifer Aniston’s Mother, Begs Daughter For Pregnancy and Grandchild

Nancy Dow, Jennifer Aniston's Mother, Begs Daughter For Pregnancy and Grandchild

Jennifer Aniston‘s mother, Nancy Dow, is slowly recovering from a stroke AND a broken bone, yet her famous daughter has not bothered to see her mom due to their estranged relationship. The two just don’t seem to get along with each other and with her 76-year old mother doing so badly that she could possibly pass away any time, Jennifer is seriously starting to come across as heartless and as if she doesn’t even care.

Nancy has been battling for her life, having suffered two strokes in one year and yet her illness hasn’t made the situation any better. Dow had infamously written a book about her daughter in 1999, titled From Mother And Daughter To Friends: A Memoir, where she revealed some very personal things about Aniston that the actress most certainly wouldn’t have wanted anyone to know. It seems that 14 years later, Jennifer still can’t get past the fact that her own mother could sell her out, and therefore refuses to do ever get near her again.

According to reports, when Jen heard her mother was extremely ill and had a nasty broken bone that would need surgery, the actress made a phone call to her mom, insisting she would pay for caregivers to look after her but refused to come and see her “due to the things that Nancy had put her through” in 1999.. yes, 1999!! Crazy, right? Soon she’ll realize that money can’t make her mom come back to life when Nancy suffers a stroke that will have their relationship end for good.

“With the help of some caregivers, that Jennifer is paying for, she is much happier and feels like she has a new lease of life. It also helped that Jennifer has personally called her to check up on her mom and see how she is doing,” the source tells RadarOnline before adding: “Jennifer still keeps her distance and doesn’t visit, but she has shown that she does care in her own way and wants to try and rebuild their relationship in the future. Nancy’s not getting any younger, so there’s absolutely no need, or time, to hold any grudges any longer. It’s really too late for that.”

Dow is worried that she’ll never get to see her daughter have any children of her own; she has told Jen numerous times how much she wishes she could become a grandmother, adding that it is her all-time wish to see Aniston have a child before she passes away. “Her last hope is to live long enough to see Jennifer become a mom. Once that happens she will die a happy woman,” the source added.

Back in 2009, Jennifer had said that her 10-year feud with her mom had come to an and that they were back on speaking terms, saying: “It’s good. It’s OK. Things are now fine between us. All of that is over, and we’re in touch with one another. Today Mom has moved from California and she’s living in Colorado, and we speak, and it’s all over.” Aniston is such a bitch for not seeing her mother! How disgusting.

Image Credit: Us Weekly

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  • i don’t think there’s truth in this particular article citing only reports… well, granting it is true in case jen’s mother is worried about her daughter, didn’t she think that maybe she is a part of the decision jen is making about her present life knowing how her mother handled bitterly the divorce with her father before although tabloids has been saying that jen is very much bitter right after the end of her first marriage? and of course the fact that she showed lack of love to her daughter in her book of memoirs? although jen is making a joke about the time she’s asking her mother if she is beautiful and the answer is “honey, you’re funny”… a mother who love her child will always say her child is beautiful or handsome…it is only good that jennifer is a survivor… having the support and unconditional love from her father .. after her 1st divorce… i hope jennifer has found her true love in justin!

  • Isabelle Anderson

    The article was fine actually, until I reached the ending. How dare a judgmental nobody like you call Jennifer a bitch? Were you there in 1999 when her mother published the book without her wishes? Were you sitting with them, observing everything? Obviously not. You have no idea what really happened. This article is so clearly biased towards Nancy because of her weakness. That is not a valid criteria.

    You may be a good writer/journalist, but KNOW WHEN TO STOP.