Natalie Portman Paternity Scandal: Aleph’s Biological Father IS Black Swan Director, Darren Aronofsky NOT Benjamin Millepied?

Natalie Portman Paternity Scandal: Aleph’s Biological Father Black Swan Director, Darren Aronofsky NOT Benjamin Millepied?

Natalie Portman really likes to paint a portrait of herself as a woman that has it all. She is married to dancer Benjamin Millepied and the couple has 19 month old Aleph.  Both are enjoying red hot careers and it looks, from the outside looking in, as thought everything is going well. The truth of the matter is that a huge secret could be starting to really have a ripple effect on Natalie.

Back when she was making the movie Black Swan, it was rumored that Natalie had an affair with the director, Darren Aronofsky. The dalliance cost Darren his longtime relationship with Rachel Weisz. According to the April 1st print edition of The National Enquirer, the rumors were so rampant in Hollywood that Black Swan producers insisted that Benjamin become Natalie’s boyfriend, as sort of a red herring. He is as opportunistic as they come and agreed to the job.  Only Natalie knows the truth about Aleph’s paternity even though Benjamin is listed on his birth certificate.

If this is all to be believed, then Benjamin gave up a lot and it’s going to be Natalie’s turn to reciprocate the favor. He recently took a job as director with The Paris Opera ballet. Natalie is going to have to decide whether Benjamin is worth giving up her work for him. She’ll need to decide what matter most. Will she go and live in Paris with her husband, or will she opt to party at home with her girlfriends instead.

I wonder why this rumored affair between Natalie and the older, attached Aronofsy didn’t grab the same kind of headlines that every move that Kristen Stewart has made does. Wouldn’t this technically be worse than that though, simply because there’s a baby involved? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • deb wilkin

    Well, i don’t think Nat is the type to get pregnant by accident- so maybe she was trying to catch the director- surely she wouldn’t have to try to catch Ben. Then, there is the looks of the baby- he sure looks more like director- but thats complicated by fact that he also looks just like her dad (wh may explain her attraction to director- all girls looking for fathers and all that jazz). Interesting possibility.

  • @google-2687e5eadd4a95fc50a21fef0fca1ac4:disqus , That is so true that it can’t be an accident. She is pretty well what she does so I think it was planned. No matter who is the legal father at the moment but I am sure it is going to be the director at the end.

  • this rumor started because of a NY Post blind item on a pregnant actress sitting next of her boyfriend and the real baby daddy at Golden globes show 2 years ago

    The problem is that Nathalie Portman met her husband during Black Swan preparation and Rachel Weizs met Daniel Craig(her future husband) during a movie House Of Dream filming the same winter and Darren Aronofsky yet had a new girlfriend during Black swan post-production

    find Benjamin Millepied’s pics when he was kid and you’ll see their kid looks like him (big cheeks)

  • Milstar

    Oh celebrity conspiracy theories! Possible, but Nat has to much of a good girl image to simply be brought down by a rumor with no pictures like K-stew.

  • Lulu

    I thought her son looked liked Tom Huddleston but idk

  • In response to the Q&A, yes it does seem more scandalous because there is a baby involved. Like a Mexican soap opera. And I suppose that the limelight towards Kristin and Rob is because they were Teen-America’s Sweethearts in the multifranchise flicks. Plainly: young girls wanted to be Bella, on and off the screen, and when she cheated they all lost Rob.

  • FYOU

    What a disgusting fking artical this is!!!