Nina Dobrev Back With Ian Somerhalder After Derek Hough Split

Nina Dobrev Back With Ian Somerhalder After Derek Hough Split

It looks to me like there might be some unfinished business between Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder. The former couple split up earlier this year and clearly went through a rough transitional patch. By mid-summer Nina was avoiding Ian even at events to promote their show The Vampire Diaries. She was spotted spending lots of time with the equally single Julianne Hough and eventually hooked up with Derek Hough for a hot minute. That fling is over and done with and what remains is Nina still spending quality time with Ian.

Sure the duo are filming together in Georgia, but she also helped him when his dog delivered a litter of puppies last week which means their time together isn’t limited to work. Could it be that time apart and quick romps with other people have actually pushed them back together again? Ian hasn’t been strongly linked to anyone and Nina just pulled the plug with Derek. Do you think these two are quietly reconnecting or at the very least hooking up?

They seem so close that it kind of reminds me of how the interacted this time last year when they were dating. Ian is said to be out of the running for the lead in Fifty Shades of Grey and his interest in it at one point was said to be a bone of contention with Nina. She didn’t want her man spending 5 years filming a BDSM trilogy and who could blame her? What do you guys think, are Ian and Nina giving their relationship another spin? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Nina Dobrev Back With Ian Somerhalder After Derek Hough Split

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  1. She’s looking awfully furry.

  2. SpringBeauty says:

    I never knew Nina was such a dog!

  3. celebdirtylaundry says:

    They are a really cute couple, I hope so!

  4. jasmine.jonthen says:

    well i hope to c they’r teaching us meaning of love i really love them and hope they’r togather or will back togthar

  5. Kathryn says: