Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne, And The Osbourne Family Revive Reality Show

Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne, And The Osbourne Family Revive Reality Show

According to several new reports, Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne are set to revive their reality show. Sharon and Ozzy were already famous when they went for their first go-around in their reality television world, with their MTV series The Osbournes airing in 2005. The show achieved record ratings and made household names out of Ozzy, Sharon, and their two children, Kelly [Osbourne], and Jack [Osbourne]. The show also did more than that – it introduced the Osbournes to a whole new generation of fans.

During the many years after going off the air, the Osbournes have toyed with the idea of returning to the world of reality, despite the marital and drug issues that seemed to plague the couple. Kelly, of course, is a successful staple of reality television, as is Jack Osbourne [to a lesser degree and currently starring on Dancing with the Stars].

Jack has been hinting at a possible return for his family to the reality world stage, explaining to the Sun in an interview, “We’ve talked about it. It’s been thrown around a little bit. It’s just a different vibe. We don’t all live together anymore; we all kind of have our own things going on. So, it’s a different dynamic.”

According to the report from the Sun, Jack mentioned a possible 2014 series premiere, and the fact that the show could focus on Sharon and Ozzy’s marital issues this past year. The couple split for a quick second when Ozzy relapsed in his alcohol and drug addiction, but they got back together when Ozzy worked hard to get clean again. No doubt, documenting the couple’s troubled married life will bring in record ratings, as horribly twisted as that sounds. But that’s pretty much the basis of successful reality television – a voyeuristic look into the life of the rich and the famous. Or in the case of most other reality stars, the rich and the idiotic.

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