Paris Jackson Hates Justin Bieber and Blames Him For Cutting – Ridiculous or Self-Serving?

Paris Jackson Hates Justin Bieber and Blames Him For Cutting – Ridiculous or Self-Serving?

There’s no love lost between Paris Jackson and her Calabasas gated community neighbor, Justin Bieber. Why we need to know this right now is a little beyond me. I suspect Paris and her people are trying to divert some of that negative attention off of her and put it on a very worthy contender – Justin. Supposedly Paris believes that Justin needs to take his position of being a role model a whole lot more seriously than he has been. Of course if you’ve been paying attention then you know that Justin Bieber stopped being a role model long ago! Role model? The brat is the antithesis of a role model.


Paris began to speak out against Justin as some of his fans began tweeting photos of them cutting themselves in an expression of love for Biebs. He said nothing to try and stop the dysfunctional behavior and Paris thought that was dead wrong. She well knows that people who cut have seriously deep-rooted problems. She currently in UCLA Medical Center after cutting her own arm with a meat cleaver and swallowing a bottle of Motrin. Obviously Paris gets that this stuff runs deeper than just a moment of acting out.

As for lashing out now, I think Paris just needs to remind herself and anyone else that’ll listen that someone out there is a worse example than she is. The question is, does it really matter? In the grand scheme of things do I care who is the worse example? No, do you?

I think that Paris needs to focus on herself and on addressing the real issues that have brought her to such a troubled place. It seems that she has never really dealt with her father, Michael Jackson’s death and that is a heavy weight to keep carrying. As for Bieber and his issues, he’s just a self-absorbed kid that thinks he is bullet proof. He’ll learn the hard way eventually, without the help of other celebs bashing him.

Should Paris just forget the press and focus on getting well? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Paris Jackson Hates Justin Bieber and Blames Him For Cutting – Ridiculous or Self-Serving?

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  • allie

    I’m with Paris on this one

  • ivan

    Justin Bieber has been victamized by irresponsible reports from gossip sites that exaggerate an falsify alleged misdeeds. The latest is the driving incident over which he has been trashed although he has now been shown by video that he did not drive that car contrary to 3 witnesses. There are others, but his haters like TMZ will continue to dig for dirt on him.

  • ivan

    Let me add the cut for bieber thing was a hoax involving phony pics and videos of phony non-fans. Only a few fans of Bieber actually may have cut themselfs and he can’t monitor everything his 40 million some fans do.